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Artist: Meth Ghost Rae
Album:  Wu-Massacre
Song:   Pimpin' Chipp
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, them niggas talking bout ya'll always want some lyrics, right?
Real lyrics, well here we go, I'mma tell you a little story
That's right, watch this shit, nigga, here we go, ya'll, your ass
Yeah, we write for days, hot shit, uh-huh
Dope, drugs, sex, murder, King James version

[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo, needle was left hanging, in the arm of a pimp
He walk with a limp, had bitches on the payroll
He gave the seeds candy and his family was poor
Drove a '68 Caddy with the fur on the door
The other macks ain't have jack on him, not even Goldie
Slowly, he would rise, kept his runners with the police
Jim Brown was his man, his brother was Muslim, they tried to convert him
And turn righteous, but the streets got the good of him
Big hats with gorgeous stones, honey designed the slacks
With two attempts on his bottom bitch, her name was Precious
Silky skin, priceless pussy, she took karate
Her bubble ass got Pretty Chipp rich
You can smell her perfume on every street corner
A sexy muthafucka with the mean face on her
Precious, sported bulletproof dresses, defending caring sex
Thirteen smith, this boo that study her lessons
She was the key to Pretty Chipp riches, bitches is fortune slang
Control the south side, her name rings
Lookout for the black cherry pussy extortion
Any other hoes get pregnant, bet they get an abortion
Back at the pub, at the Alice spot, bumping the sounds of Curtis
Playing Live in the jukebox, this broad named Cookie
In the purse, fifty thou' in cash
Passed off to Chipp, told him count it fast, another 10 in my bloomers
Fuck the rumors, it's lies, baby, you my daddy
Bitches never saw me jumping out of Dirt Dog's cabby
I'm a loyal bitch, and chicks can't stand me, pimps
They know I'm ill, that's why they never put hands on me
From Fillmore Slim to Goldie, Pretty Toney
Frank War told me, C.C. get that money
My potentials, credentials, my mouth stay hot
Like Chinese mushrooms, wasabi with spicy lentils
The other day I brought a little gat, where I keep near my lower back
Cause these niggas don't know how to act
At the Apollo, Ray Charles told me
Bitch just get in the car, cuz I want you to swallow
I jumped in, and his bodyguards follow
He was quick, I spit the nut on his '74 wallos
He wanted to invite me to Chicago, I said 'nah, daddy'
He pushed me out and lit up a Marlboro
(Nah, papi) Cuz I'm from New York
He taught me the talks, he taught me the walk
Cuz I'm Chipp's bitch, we dine and resort
Only nigga ever taught me, don't put swine on my fork

[Outro: "Cookie"]
And that's the truth, rest in peace, papi
This Cookie, I still got another tall Goose for you daddy
I'mma stick in the grave for you, baby
Fuck them other pimps, they ain't got shit on you, daddy