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Artist: Mun-E f/ Billy Cook, L.T.
Album:  Makes the World Go Round
Song:   Money's the Reason
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(*Billy Cook*)
We ball-ing, Mun-E heeey

[Chorus: Billy Cook]
Money is the reason that the girls be calling
A pimp with game, rolling Dealies and Impalas
Placks on my wall, see my screens fall
20 inches crawl in my video, that's the way we ball
Money is the reason that the girls be calling
A playa with game, rolling Dealies and Impalas
Ice on my wrist, rocks on my fist
Sipping Krys in the club hatas, even boppers show me love

Now L.T. about to ball, and make my 6-4 hop
Grip my grain and swang, and body rock the whole block
Keep my Lacs on top, a bad bitch to bop
Pulling up drop tops, playboy I won't stop
I'm too hot you niggas cold, my paper fin to fold
Putting bitches on hoes, while the block on deroad
And make ends, I'm thinking a Lac a baby Benz
They both on twins, with a bitch in the wind
With some friends cause I'm balling, my fifth four falling
The other four crawling, spend a thousand at the mall and
You stalling I'm flipping, wood grain gripping
Slowly I be tipping, down your block in Expeditions
We sipping get with it, I know you niggas feel it
L.T. gon stay spitting, cause I'm one of the realest
Whoever whenever, my niggas got chedda
L.T. a good fella, to my chest with barrettas
I'm on it a Benz I'ma flaunt it, we don't talk about shit
Just watch a nigga, jump up on it for real
You know a nigga hold it down in this bitch
Doing short time in this bitch, we balling


When it comes to money, nothing's impossible
Got me flossing big body, taking trips to the tropical
Smoking on optimoes, bouncing and turning on vogues
Smashing on four's, wood on my dashboard
Too expensive clothes, diamond rings and piece and chains
It glow throwed in the game, so I'ma let my nuts hang
To the floor, sip some Surubber champagne
Tighten the grip up on your grain
We stay in the sky its a pimp in a plane
When I'm on the streets, I be switching the lanes
Flipping the screen, living your dream, drop top Bentley
With twenty inch thangs, beating and banging the block
Went platinum, before my album even dropped
Dollas I cop, hoes that bop, Mun-E gets Mun-E got
Getting rich, while I'm blowing up the spot
Calling all the shots, giving y'all something to screw and chop
Keeping haters heads hot, when it just don't stop, as i rise to the top