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Artist: Murs & Slug
Album:  Felt - A Tribute to Christina Ricci
Song:   The Two
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I'm not a player I throw up a lot - "I know"
The wicked walk amongst us and you don't know me that well
Prolly shouldn't trust the story I tell
I'm gonna speak it how I saw it because I call you my friend
So take a drink from the gauntlet and sit down whence
Once upon a time before gas masks at school
Back when cash was the golden rule
There were two super heroes who tried to bring love to the earth
One was slug the other one was Murs

The team s and m not for sadomasochism
But trying to save the innocent from the master's prison
Airwaves disaster-ridden, we wear masks for a livin
And we make dope songs, the task we were given
We're to air out the main stream brain washed zombies
Who wanna smoke blunts and live with their mommies
Two mouths to feed no urge to succeed
Cause the music don't inspire him to go and take the lead

Lets hit the streets
Catch bullets with our teeth
Get the kitten out the tree
Bring evil to its knees
Clean its mouth out with bleach and send it on its way
Bring the children a better day

So they can go out and play don't have to be players
Now the music is so cold that they listen to it with layers
So we try to warm em up, gamma-blast through the speakers
Cause we 'Leaders of the New', how about our 'Sound of Zeekers'?
And we drownin out the weaker, findin rhymes like heat-seekers
From the blast that's in the wrists, combattin evil
With some wax in our fist, on tracks we don't miss
Uncanny classic hits, who's the team that can't be dissed?

Its the two
Its the two
(You can not see it)
The two
(The keepers of the wisdom and power)
Its the two
(You can not see it)

Now day in day out
We fought continuous bouts
At every corner of the world where we heard evil shout
Hearts filled with courage bank accounts full of doubt
We gotta find a way to make it all balance out

Now even heroes gotta eat and put fuel in the tummy
So it started getting real when the two ran out of money
And if you saw them you wouldn't be able to tell
Did a fine job saving mankind from hell

Well we saved the world and brought joy to the masses
But couldn't save ourselves from the government and taxes
And the justice league so we had to pay dues
When we couldn't ante up the kicked us out the crew
Now in the hood there were a few who did appreciate the saga
But didn't have the ends to fund this armada
So now we were the two with no H2
And open to attack from every wack crew

And the fateful day came could it be
That two had been beat
Do they face defeat
Overcooked time to climb out of the book
Had a grasp let go lost grip when it got shook
The magic Cadillac eats a lot of gas
Rent and food the two had no cash
So they had to get jobs at a record store
And every thing went back to how it was before

They were the two
(You can not see it)
We were the two
(The keepers of the wisdom and power)
Where are the two
(You can not see it)
Now its up to you

And the moral to our stupid little song is
It doesn't matter who's the smartest or the strongest
Love ain't enough for anyone to see it through
So make all checks and money orders payable to who

The two
(You can not see it)
Its the two
(The keepers of the wisdom and power)
The two
(You can not see it)
Its the two
(The keepers of the wisdom and power)
(You can not see it, but it is there, believe us)