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Artist: Slug & MURS
Album:  Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez
Song:   Felt Good
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(Crowd Cheering)
Party time!
(Tasering sound)

I don't want to be good

[Verse One: Slug]
Shook off the sand
Cooked by the ham
Back when hoods packed the jams
Breath with spite
I need it in my life
Too keep it out of sight 
Until the freaks come out at night
A big mouth (You got a big mouth)
Sniff it up quick and get kicked out the house
Felt don't melt like wax
Felons necks get snapped
And the checks get faxed
Give me freedom and some peace
A free kick to the beast with the demons and police
You stuck in reverse
So fuck what ya heard and put your nuts up in your purse

Gooder than good man
Man, we greater than great
While you... 
Faker than fake
That's why we hate on your hate
And we hate on your love
Cause when push comes to shove
All the funny lookin' chicks get took in the club
Hell, they lookin' for Slug
Man, they lookin' for MURS
We got 'em screamin' for the Felt cause we puttin' in work
While you was puttin' out trash
We was spendin' on gas
To travel all around the world to put a foot in yo ass
And you can call if wack rap
Indie rap if you want to
Play us emo-hop for the hipsters but FUCK YOU
We do it for the public
That's tired of that thug shit
We know who's the greatest cause your girlfriend loves us