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Artist: Slug & MURS
Album:  Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez
Song:   Ghost Dance Deluxe
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Chorus [Slug]: [x2]
Ghost dance deluxe
Eyes open 
Approach for the touch
My ocean is rough from the storm
And I hope that love will keep me warm
So I ask for a 

[Verse One: MURS]
Heard the rumors in the mist
Does she really exist?
Qualities to qualify, man I got a whole list
Whispers in the hall ways
Missin' her always
Talkin' to myself
I don't care what y'all say
Fantasy phantom
This is your anthem
My mystery madam
Disappearing at random
A band on her finger
I heard it traps the ghost
But she never lingers long enough for me to come close
When I catch Miss Perfect I'm gonna give her that ring
Her friends keep tellin' me there's no such thing
But forget material girls
I need a paranormal chick from an ethereal world
Thought I saw one once
And I just couldn't deal
How could I commit when I know she's not real?
Standin' by the sea with my Ghost In A Shell
Your flesh is flawed and I know this well
I must make my decision
Passin' up the real deal, waitin' on an apparition
And one day soon I'm gonna get it together
Cause I can't leave this night light on forever


[Verse Two: Slug]
It's no big deal
Nothing to trip about
But I know it's real
There's one up in my house
She floats, flies, moves with grace
And she's not just a side effect of my imagination
I can hear her voice in the air
It's right there
It ain't paranoia man, I swear
Delicate little iris
I might be possessed from the glimpses I catch
I don't run, I chase it
From every room from the attic to the basement
I pursue
By virtue
Got me up late, way past my curfew
Stay awake
She's on the staircase
Not scared face
Not one hair raised
It's not even frightening
I love it when she sing
And I wonder what she might bring
Ghost lady
You make me so crazy
You smell so good
And you look Oh-mazing
I don't just need you to want me
You got me
And I keep you to haunt me