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Artist: Slug & MURS
Album:  Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez
Song:   Permanent Standby
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She's in the back of a cab again
She just packed up her bags and then
Her new town
She can bust down and run around
Had to leave the ex cause he always brought that gun around
But she's long gone
He'll never find her
Just another bad tattoo
A reminder
Of her past
And how they tried to hold her back
But fuck her home town
Man, that whole scene was wack
She's in the big city now doin' big thangs
Works a little retail job
For a big change
She got a car so now she move around efficiently
She got a car now she hittin' the ? for free
She made some friends in the entertainment industry
But time is wearing thin so she gives into her tendencies
Postmeridian, his callin'
It's been two weeks, so she been eight ballin'
Got the number of a dealer and she called him
Quick transaction in a bathroom stall then
Guess who's back in affect?
Dropped in the corner
Dancin' to some dub step
Rescued by two dudes
Who were suspect
But she was so god damn gone, she didn't object
They messed around
She was down for the fun and the games
It doesn't count when she can't remember none of the names
Rinse, repeat
Weeks in the psycho
But that dirt don't come clean in the night glow
Now everybody knows she's the whore
Where do you go when the blow's not free no more?
Now the city's gettin' too small
Walls closin' in, but she knows what to do y'all
She popped a pill and then she packed her bags quick
She's just too real for this city of plastic

She came from the desert with a Horse With No Name
Half awake, waitin' at the baggage claim
The pain killer that she popped as the plane tore off
Age wore off
Little cousin picked her up in the pick up
And the minute she got in he lit up a big blunt
Passed it to her
She made the end glow
Pull, puff share
Staring out the window
Parked outside of a house on the south side
First couple weeks, sleepin' on the couch life
Til she got a job at a department store
Found a roommate and got a spot up on 24th
A penny for her thoughts of a better course
She wanted new friends that she hasn't met before
Started hittin' up the bar just to let it pour
Did one line of coke
And many more
Everybody loves her
Is she sure?
I guess it all depends on who she drops them panties for
When that alcohol calls
She doesn't hit ignore
She says, "Give me more"
Until she hits the floor
Popular with the elite and the creeps
And people who haven't gone to sleep this week
They wear disguises like "artist" and "nice guy"
But underneath you know they just another white line
Fuck these pricks
Fuck these junkies
Fuck this weather
It's not fuckin' funny
It's drama
It's got you actin' like a star
Shut the fuck up and march your ass back up in that bar
It won't be long
Before she jets
She don't belong
It's her against anti
Surfin' this landslide
At the terminal
Permanent standby