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Artist: Slug & MURS
Album:  Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez
Song:   Revisiting the Styleetron
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Go [x9]

Chorus: [x9]
On and on 

Verse One [MURS]
I grab the mic like my name was on it
And spit the fly game to get the ladies goin'
I'm a superfly southern California MC
Makin' earthquakes shake and shape destiny

I'm like X, Y & Z
I stick by the back door
Let it go free, that's what the track's for
My jobbie job is to rock a party
Taught your mommy to karaoke La Di Da Di

We blowin' up
But the flow is so rough
That the mainstream suckers won't notice us
But so what?
Who gives a damn?
Bout to change the whole world with this mic in my hand

Make you stand up
Big and tall
Pitch the ball
And I promise I'ma hit it y'all
And when it falls
I'll be around the bases
My clothes in a suitcase
My phone and some toothpaste

This is my life

I'm runnin' this show

Everybody in the place just loose control!


Turn out the lights

So we can see y'all glow

Throw your hands in the air if you know you got soul!


And it grows
And it builds
Until it kills from the pills, bills and drum fills
Free wheels
Spins or sit still
Everybody just wanna feel somethin' real

Deep down, we reach down to touch clowns
How to rip it, how to rock it when the beat pounds
Sweet sounds, burnin' right through the speaker
While I'm lookin' for a chick in nice jeans and tight sneakers

We the kings of
Fuckin' your queens up
You can mean mug
I just want the green stuff
Out in Boise
Set the voice free
Up in Omaha
We make 'em all noisy

Out in Utah
Bringin' you the truth y'all
Talkin' Salt Lake all the way to Sioux Falls
And while the fiends on the scene do nothing
We do damage and make it mean something

If you feel this shit

Put a smile on your face

Put your ass on the floor and burn down this place


If you're filthy rich

Or your minimum wage

Let me hear you make some noise if you just got paid


Now when the cops come 
Tell them fools to stop frontin'
This is our world, y'all don't run nothing
Don't reach for your wallet cause you might get shot
Screamin' justice and peace till the casket drops

Huh, We can't stop
Huh, it's not an option
So put your hands up
You are now rockin' with the blessed
So make it messy
About to break the levee cause the party stays ready

Now if rich and famous
Or broke and seductive
MURS & Slug, the wrong crew for you to fuck with
Brainstorm couldn't hold the flow in buckets
My flash flood warnings
Don't press your luck kid

Uh huh, North American characters
When I'm on stage
It's in my nature to embarrass ya
The pair of us
Want to share the rush
Now put two up if you care too much

I love my job

I'm puttin' in work

All the ladies in the crowd let me hear y'all flirt


Felt don't stop

Diggin' up the dirt

Peace to anybody who's got a 2Pac shirt