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Artist: MURS & Slug
Album:  Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet
Song:   Bonet (Concrete Angels)
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{phone rings}

[Slug ("Bonet")]
(Hello?) Hello
(Yes?) Hi, it's Sean
(Oh, hey wassup?) What's goin on?
(Ummmm, nothing! What are you, doing tonight?)
Umm, I'm at the studio right now
I don't know how late were gonna be here
Um, I don't know, why, what's going on?
(I don't know, I just wanted to, take you home and do you some food)
Uh... (Something...) Hey, you know...[*echoes*]
Let me get sum'hin out of the way, cause I'm a neurotic fuck
I'm like this, um... (Uh-huh!)
Like, the other night when you called, you were like..
"I think you should take me out", smiling and all that
And it just kinda freaked me out a little bit, 'cause...
(WHY? *echoes*)
Well, 'cause, you know I'm not like, hittin on you, younahmean?
I'm kinda in love with somebody, I just thought you were like, cool and shit
So is, is that cool? (Yeah, that's fine!)
Um, sure? (YEA! *echoes*)
Damn, I wanted you to be pissed off (WHY?! *echoes*)
Because I wanted you to want me to hit on you *giggle*
(Oh I, I do, but if you're not gonna, that's fine, too)
See now I'm torn, what am I supposed to do?
(I, I don't know) Let me go get a coin to flip
(Huh?) Naw, I'm joking! But uh, what you doing tonight?)
(Sights is hopping sometimes, I don't know...)
Well, you got no ideas for tonight? So you just want me to call you
if I get outta here and jussssst, see what time we'll
go catch a beer or some shit like that?
(Yea, I'm probably gona be done before then, like 8:00, 8:30)
Okay, will you wear all black? (YEA! *echoes*)
Thanks..I'll call you back
(Bye!) Bye...*echoes*