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Artist: Murs & Slug
Album:  Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet
Song:   Lisa (Never Easty on My Nextel)
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{phone rings}

[Murs ("Lisa")]
Oh.. (Hey!)
Waddup? (Hey..)
What are you doing?
Did you go to school this morning?
{*in a sassy tone*} (Yes, I went to school this morning!)
{*shocked*} Don't get no attitude with me! Why you rasing your voice?
Use your inside voice when you talk to me, don't do that
Did you come to gracefully bein my L.A. pussy tonight?
(MURS...) What?
(...Shut up!) You love me, you nice
(Shut - up! ...Anyway...)
Anyway...whatever; what's crackin?
(What are you doing?)
I'm in the studio, yo-you alright? You miss me?
You want me to come home?
(...Not really!)
Not really? I wanna come home to my L.A. pussy!
(You know what?! If you don't stop callin me that!...)
*laughs* I'm just fuckin wit you, I'm sorry
I just wanna get you mad so you can get Easty, that's all
I just wanted to bring the Crenshaw High out in you
(I'm never Easty) You're NEVER Easty
Why you deny your heritage and your Crenshaw roots?
You shouldn't, you shouldn't you shouldn't be ashamed of that
That's all, that's...That's why you're so special to me
(Heh, 'cause I, talk ghetto at times?)
Yeah, 'cause you're a lil' Easty, 'cause you're a little ghetto at times
and it makes me smile for the little bit of ghetto in me
Anyway...Alright, I was just checkin in
(Alright, daddy!)