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Artist: Nate Natale
Album:  The Unbelieveable Truth
Song:   Mucho Humpty Hump
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[Money Car$in]
Speak Spanish? Nah we don't use that much
Only got one phrase mucho humpty hump
Wrist chunky huh, slimmy tum for us
In the s-type, best type like fuck the bucks
I spend, rules I bend and break laws
If I gotta take yours tough luck you facing the 8-long
Bad ass on my date dog, smashin' I straight pause
Master the flow now we at it for pages
Y'all cant stop us, cars stay proper
I market product to all state shoppers
Pure range blockers, stop the stride
Do my dirt on the low cause the stocks is high
Mamí watch for the guy, how I dot my I's
Wheel and park the range up inside your thighs
You love it, so rugged, far from low budget
Show hustlin, flow druggin, I'm dope cousin
Bebop or beat my speech rock the street, money
I'm exactly what I gots to be
Hit the block like "F" it, hated but respected
And the cops stay checkin plus the flock stay peckin'
I'm the one y'all gots to see, flow pure it's all on
The wrong prophet: me, rock up the watch indeed
No problem, high 9-5, hi I'm stylin'

[yo, yo]

(B.A. - the arson)
Speak spanish nah we don't use that much
Only got one phrase mucho humpty hump
And that's enough to make the hottest Mamí
Ride me like a kawasaki, Mamí move your body
Chickenhead if you want, my team skate
Couple chickenheads in the trunk, the wolfpack
Look away and your mrs. is gone, B.A. the Don son
I'm one of the baddest, flossin' the diamonds package
Anything that's shinin' I get walkin in the finest fabrics
A sick nigga ballin, but his weight differ from magic
After cabbage, rack the baddest, sick I'm givin all them *unknown*
But I gotta keep it gunnin' keep it street, keep it pimpin
Got all of these chickens suckin' on my meat
But I'm lookin for the baddest broad, who's gonna swallow my kids
Like rich chicks eatin' caviar, can't keep up
I'm off to the bahamas with my team, I drink banana mama's
And sex on the beaches while you shittin' in cubano dutches
Killin' the mic now I know you love it, my style rugged
Know hows to thug it, trust it, I call this
Livin' the lifestyle you wish you was it
So stop the hatin' and mean-muggin, you don't want none of this shit
The ladies love when they see Blaze, leave their minute man with a tan
You would be hatin', my mojo workin' like "OH BE-HAVE"
Call your girls up, cause you know the whole team play

(Nate Natale)
We speak spanish nah we don't use that much
Only got one phrase mucho humpty hump
Muy guapo mabo gato, how close to me
I know your waistline, bangin' like a baseline
No need to waste time, tryin' to lock it down like 5-0
Get into that shit and keep your eyes closed
Nate'll school you quick, put you under my tutelage
Never seen a dude do it like this, nate link with ya
J to Blaze be in sync with ya, minus the breakup
Cause you never had the title of the wifey and that's vital
So it's over when it's over, I don't know what I just told ya
Only tryin' to merge ya, get it poppin' while I grope ya
To put you in my X-files like Scully and Mulder, nope
No love in the heart of this niggy, just music, money
And the heart of the city, watch you lose your head
When i move my bread, the ice shine light on the world
Just like homie said, mos def this nigga deafer than the leopard
Better than the best, in my head or all the rest, 
I'm your idol, your highest title, numero uno
Out in honolulu, booboo hangin' out the culo
Change the currency, I'm currently concurrent with your courages
Verbally, I'm the illest chulo you know