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Artist: Nature
Album:  DJ Clue Mixtape
Song:   In Jail (Bidding)
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It's like a torn ligament, a long cigarette
split three ways, state pen, law, sentencing
gates open, young thug approaching the bench
picture your whole life spent over the fence
55 years for a faggot assault
with no views behind Attica's walls
new inmates will challenge yours for a carton of Kools
you get jigged in the yard thru your heart wit a spoon
nigga hold that
caught him on the pull up bar, whudddup god
his whole grill was full of scars
stay carrying, brotherhood be muslim or arian
once the blood shed cats is scatterin
catch him at chow, better yet the visitin floor
right in front of they seeds be a vision of war
the nigga cried out
ripped from his side to his eyebrow
leakin like a bitch left him semi-blind now
bubbled his skin, when theres trouble cops pull the pin
they throw you in the box, 12 month stops
back in population a new jail with a year to my board
how man tier threes can I afford
god knows how many hoes I miss, waitin to toss
every now an then fam send the latest source
to the day room, listen to my favorite tunes
need it more, jail will make a nigga beat off
if I did it too I'd be wrong I couldn't live with it
the shit niggas be doing when the bidding

In Jail, 1-3, 2-4's, 3-6's
some turn tough, some turn bitches
niggas wanna know how do you roll
don't let the penile swallow you whole

Now who da fuck are y'all tell me when to use the phone?
we in the pen dunn, the rules are gone
bloods and kings, thorizine turn thugs to fiends
little niggas using drugs and things
playing sick call, everyday withdrawl
the shisty cats, write friends that dont write me back
where my kite be black?
fuck the pictures of your ugly daughter
go to store in two weeks dunn please drop a money order
make it out to the god, 92R7478 me the one they call Nate
it's the all state called crap stars with green slacks
double bunks and dorms wit dudes that need bathes
where da weed at? guns is knives, sons is wives
playing PC spreading hundreds of lies
said I'm free, the A-L's M-Z's
misdemeanors and the felonies
open the cage, none of my peers close to my age
OG's with afro's showin most of they grey's
takin showers with snakes and cowards
fuck eigth sacks, space for hours
me and Manuel, three in a cell
see I'm coked up secret to tell
I'm getting higher niggas
why the fuckwork release keep denying niggas?
grown men cry
mind your business when you happen to see
the same shit once happened to me
I did a bid and came back on my feet
live some more makin hits
while y'all niggas gettin hit at the board