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Artist: Nice & Smooth f/ Everlast
Album:  Nice & Smooth
Song:   Save the Children
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Save the children.. save the children.. {*echoes*}
Save the children.. save the children.. {*echoes*}
Save the children.. save the children.. {*echoes*}
Save the children.. save the children.. {*echoes*}

It's the ill funk freaker, comin out your speaker
Run and take a leak-ah, stay and yo Eureka
Like a 49er, no one can rock finer
The funky one liner, fuck a one-timer
From South Carolina all the way to Vancouver
Don't make a move or I'ma buck your ass down
I don't fuck around cause I'm the crazy white peckerwood cracker
You might catch a smack or
maybe catch a bullet, cause I'm known to pull it
And I'm known to use it, I got patience punk don't abuse it
You choose it, cause you wanna hear it
Tried to bite the style but you can't come near it, fear it
Run for the hills get off the dillz split the mills
My name's Everlast, I wipe my ass with hundred dollar bills
I get cheap thrills, from stickin fly models
I tap forty bottles, a sucker duck waddles
My man Jorge said, walk like a fuckin duck
My name's Everlast cause I don't give a fuck

[Smooth Bee]
Me neither, my name is Smooth Bee
And motherfuckers always tryin to make me prove the
fact that I can't be touched
No way, no such
How much will it take, will I break or bust?
Will I stale or rust?  Will I create dope shit, yeah that's a must
You know my credential
And rippin on the mic is life's bare essential
Now this shit here will make your hands clap
toes tap, universal soul slap
In your area, is it scarin ya?  It shouldn't
We just makin moves that others couldn't
For whatever reason
You know we comin fully equipped to rip shop in any season
Greg Nice, by the count of three (uh, uh, uh, uh)
Three two one, one two three (uh, uh, uh, uh)
Get on the mic, let me hear you MC

[Greg Nice]
Yo it ache my nerves when a sucker MC
wanna bite the style, it's juvenile
They don't understand I'm the +Jewel of the Nile+
By the right or the write of penpal
No problem at all, I got dough
And don't ask me who rip the show
You know my pedigree, you know my logo
I'm on a mission like Pete(?) and So So
Tap your heels, like Dorothy and Toto
The blunt just rush to my head
And don't be misled by the word I said
Yo I gotta have it, just like Ned
Pullin more switches than my man ConEd
Pullin more switches than my man ConEd.. {*echoes*}