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Artist: Napoleon Da Legend
Album:  The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. 1
Song:   The Elixir
Typed by: Josiah Phillips

Verse 1

Before McCain was locked up
me and Al Cayne we came up with the product 
We came and moved a lot of tapes
all of them would flame the block up 
Heard my name came up when they came to lock us 
These lames coppers came up and raided my apartment 
Aiming and targeting my brand like I was Neiman Marcus 
Blaming the artists on the blogs and record labels watch us 
Dropping a Mil to lock me fatter than Milonakis 
Fully equipped with mac- millies wanting to steal my profits 
Told me a record deal was logic cause my
records reveal the knowledge
They killing artists “illing” to get the dollars
Millions are flocking to
see us Footing the bill to watch us
they watching 
Got the screws ready to drill my coffin 
Lucifer's kids are watching crucifixes killed the prophet 
Poisonous contaminated dough inside my wallet

Chorus x2
panoramic visual
illmatic individuals
Under god one nation indivisible
Drink this elixir
absorb it in ya physical

Verse 2

Nore with Nicaraguans
New Yorkers with knickerbockers 
2pac Shakur on the corner rhyming with Chris Wallace 
Hypnotic messages laced with the trick knowledge 
Lying to us with they shady figures of economic 
Figures mislead and blinding
Narcotics that feed the blinded 
Marketing things to the fiend zombie that lives inside us 
Behind the scene insiders
plant chips to see inside us 
Beams with the ultraviolet
machines that control the climate 
Humans are growing tired of having they souls be wired 
Computers with fire wires
blocking our way to Zion
And the stars that form Orion
down to Andromeda 
Crazy like a Yamaka wearer saying Salam Alaikum 
They tried to rob us naked
smoke us like Garcia Vegas 
Planes that inoculate us in this land that's god forsaken 
Want us assassinated smiling when they see us suffer 
But we embody survival and live to see another