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Artist: Necro
Album:  I Need Drugs
Song:   Wise Ass
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( Verse 1 )
I love a stunt that's down to sniff cocaine
A cunt with big cock sucking lips and no brain
A pussy you couldn't shoot up or drug
Car jack you like a cop in pursuit of a thug
Spittin' out like I chewed up a bug
that shottin' thru of a slug
And that's the fountin' part, aiyyo I'm the type that fuck a judge
I grew up in a sick place, BROOKLYN
They'd run up on you and say, "Gimme the loot, dickface!"
Got an appetite for destruction like parasites
Kicked in your face, so bloody I fucked up my new pair of Nikes
DAMN! They cost over 100 bucks, OH WELL!
Skull in your grill, I'm more fucked than a hundred sluts
The white Dolamite, I wanna see Janet Jackson ?...? It's only right
You're a snake, you known a bite, you're glowning bright
when dynamite rammed up your ass and you explode it nice, BLAM!

( Chorus )
Met the devil and spit in his grill
Told him I'm running hell son chill and you're the next I'll kill
You're know your dead when you sell your soul for bread
life's funny like a bitchass with a hole in his head

( Verse 2 )
Clock you like a trife bo
I'll stab your sockets like a psycho
'til you can't see shit, like your on the toilet bowl with the lights closed
You'll be lonely,
Homy you don't know me
You wanna play me
Treat me like a saxophone and blow me
Worship my vile grammer, skiis,
Get on your cock suckin' knees,
Prey to me like hammer
I get my dick, jerk right your girl
Imma diss the second I see a tit, with bigger tits
So many look sultry, don't insult me