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Artist: Nelly f/ Missy Elliott, Mobb Deep
Album:  Sweat
Song:   Playa
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Missy] Yeahhayyy, yeahhh
[Havoc] Yeah, uh-huh
[Missy] Yah..
[Missy] Yeahhayyy, yeahhayyy!
[Havoc] Yeah.. fo' sho'
[Missy] Yeahh!  Yah..
[Missy] Mmmm-mmm-mmm, mmmm-mmm-mmm
[Missy] Uhh, yah..
[Havoc] M-O-B-B baby
[Missy] Wooooooooo!

[Missy] Uhhhh..
[Havoc] Yeah! Right
[Missy] Uhhhh..
[Havoc] Let's do this, one time baby
[Missy] Uhhhh..
[Havoc] Yea-yea
[Missy] Yah..
[Havoc] Yo

[Verse One: Havoc]
Whattup ma, the name H doe, I'm into pesos
V.I.P. and champagne by the caseloads
Doubles get you from that bar, and get you right
Or get you bent, whatever you like
I'm not into wifin - no sir
I just wanna beat it up, hear the kitty-cat purr
The whip or the tail, whichever you prefer
The crib off limits, got wifey durr
Got a man home beast, then be easy ma
She don't know how to creep, I be teachin ma
I got jars of that haze, yeah I'll show you how to twist
Get it tight but not too tight, it's all in the lick
I'll show you which end to burn, how to spot that trick
All you need is the will to learn
.. and some good trees to burn
Relax, you'll be straight like a perm, word

[Chorus: Missy]
I need a man, who's up on his game
And can give me some affection, satisfy me many ways
Are you the one to do it for me playa?
(Are you the one to do it for me playa?)
Then maybe I can hook up witcha later

[Verse Two: Prodigy]
Babe girl you now rockin with strength, Infamous Thugs is nuttin to slug
Anyone, they try to ruin our fun
I don't wanna scare you away, I'm sayin whassup
Tell your friends come over here, and party with us
If y'all from the hood, y'all gon' love our ways
Cause we got money, and we still the same way
Go 'head, do that dance, and you can feel free
To be you and just do you, everything's great
Yeah tonight we gon' have a little too much to drink
Just leave your car in the lot, so you can feel safe
We gon' party 'til six then take it to my place
Then later on I'll have a car bring you back safe
I ain't into games, I'll give it to you straight
We can have a part time love, I just want it straight
Really doe, I changed doe, not no dames
So however you wanna call it, it's okay


[Verse Three: Nelly]
Uhh, uhh, aiy
Check it, check it, check it
Baby girl right here is where you need to be
You better duck cause the bottles pop easily
Go and get your other friends, cause you comin with me
Derrty E-N-T with the M-O-B
See, no respect for the +Country Grammar+
So I kick the Dunn language, the response was better
We like, 'Dunn' did it, 'Dunn' hit it, 'Dunn' split it
Everything hon wanted, Dunn was with it
She like to see me doo-rag'd and me ball-cap'd
She like to see me tailored, Gator'd, slacked
In fact, I see you lookin through the windshield wipers
As the rain hit the windows on the blue Dodge Viper
The sniper, not never but hit ya from long range
Check it, got haters like X had Brother Baines
Used to have quarter thangs but now I got quarter games
Got a quarter of a movie, here come {?} trains

[Verse Four: Missy]
I'm not tryin to be your girlfriend (you dig)
I ain't even tryin to lock you in
There's no need for us to pretend
I'd rather spend yo' dividends
You and me can be lover friends
I'd rather keep this between us two
Let me know when you wanna begin
And let me tell you what I want from you