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Artist: N.E.R.D (The Neptunes)
Album:  In Search Of...
Song:   Brain 
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[Verse One]
What do you think baby
I know I want you
And you know you want me
But can you promise please 
You'll say yes to me
I love how you think
You think oh so deep
And share your thoughts with me
I buzz then fall asleep

Do your really even love me
If you do there is no pain
Do I really even love you
Or do I really love your brain
I just love your brains

[Verse Two]
Girl unlatch your bra
But first unlatch your jaw
It's cool to call me dog
But your head is under my paw 
Soon as your lips part
Then your tongue it starts 
My pulse just races hard
Enough to pop my heart

I'm so high

[Chorus] - repeat

Hands up, if you feel like that 
Huh what


The things you think on me
The games you play on me
And stay the day on me 
The words you say on me
When we party hop
Bathroom countertop
Or in your old man's truck
Grocery parking lot

[Chorus] - repeat