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Artist: New Boyz f/ Big Sean
Album:  Too Cool to Care
Song:   I Don't Care
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[Verse 1: Legacy]
Hello bad bitch, hello, hello, bad bitch
I don't like Knicks
But the Irv got a nigga to wear that Melo swag shit
Like ooh, yeah, you cocky huh?
But I bet you can't take it like a Rocky punch
Tryin to get it in, get it in, get it in
Wanna let my stick get this hockey puck?
I'm hella throwed, get hella throat
I even got a big girl, call that bitch my jello bone
The way she blow, she can't see my shit
Got that Helen Keller dome
You ever been to that space museum?
Well my dick just like that telescope
Ooh, damn! Ooh, damn! That pussy for my wish list
I stop callin her kitty 'cuz 'em cats be on that fish shit
She said she'll hit the tune because it's worth it
She got many men, take 'em shots like Curtis, bitch

[Hook: Legacy]
This goes out for all my bad bitches, raise your cup
Takin your girl, I don't give a fuck
I don't care what they say (I don't care)
What they say (I don't care)
What they say (I don't care)
Everybody leave your man tonight
I swear you'll be glad that I took you home
Everybody leave your man tonight
And when I'm done, you gon' tell him to leave you alone
Everybody leave your man tonight

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
Nigga, fuck your bitch! Nigga
Okay, I make her call me BI
Bitch I'm on my BI
All my bottles, they be knee-high
I red G's down, I put tree high
I'm fresh out that fuckin limo and I'm everythin but sober
Break, break, break, breakin that tree and baggin it up like it's October
I walk in this bitch with a grip i my hand
I tell her I'm me, she piss in her pants
She shake it around and around and around
Her coochie's a plug, my stick is a dam
I found 20,000, and she just found my dick
So I guess we both just hit a lick
I tell her we-we-welcome, welcome to the good life
Heard you had a bad day, well, let's make it a good night
If they say we ain't big, we'll turn this to a Suge night
Let's swim in alcohol and hop up on that red eye kush flight
I'm Mr. Big, bitch, I do it


[Verse 3: Ben J]
Bro, why your girl all up on me like I'm John Doe?
Hangin out backstage waitin for a photo
Oh, you dance, but you's a gogo?
Well, shit, look, nice too meet you
Know your man fuckin up, he can't handle your model features
On a scale of 1 through 9, sorry shorty but you's a dime
Know your man lost, I'm not gon' hesitate to make you mine
I'm 'bout to snatch 'em up, like a food market, time to bag 'em up
Because I only got one night and so we actin up
Girls get drunk, bring them up
So much sluts and its so much fun
So much ass that I can't get back
So I keep goin 'cause I can't get enough
Lil' mama, where you goin?
So much paper to be made, so much grindin to be taught
My girl prefer to give me brain
I must say, I must say, yeah, girl, your man frontin
Fire flame, fire flame, fuck with us, we all stuntin
New Boyz