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Artist: Nino Brown f/ Baby Bash
Album:  Once Upon a Time in Los Scandalous (Re-release)/Nino Brown
Song:   Eye Candy
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[Nino Brown] + (Sara S. in background)
I like that
Cleve Playa
Like this, playboy
Ay (Just call on me)
Ha ha, heh
Know you dude, I ain't used to this love song
Ha ha
But girl, you make me wanna love somebody
Ay (Just call on me)

[Verse 1: Nino Brown]
I met this
Fly little hoodie rat
Just because she live in the hood
The homies call her that
Baby girl be all of that
Boom bangin'
Bubble like Beyonce
Girl, you make me want a fiance
Nino thuggin' with a sole purpose
I gets the feri
But with you, I go cold turkish
We gon' work this
You love me
I love you
Girl, it's true
Got me singin' like, "Thugs Need Love Too" (Aight)
Can I get a witness, you gon' be my princess
Matter fact, infatuated with your thickness
Even though you got a man, be my mistress
Nino Brown, he so pimp, I'm a call you up

Chorus: Sara S.
Just call on me
When you need it, cause I got it
And you know you got me
Feelin' so erotic, baby boy
Just call on me
Anytime, any place, I adore you
When I love to see your face
Cause you know you my eye candy
When I settle in the middle
When you miss me, just a little
Boy, you know, you can always
Call on me
You're my eye candy
Ain't nothing sweeter than your love

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
How about some Don Perigone, before we start to carry on
You know I'm on the grind, so I can't stay very long
Everytime I hear the radio, it's like every song
Make me think of you and me, gettin' our merry on
Like a cherry on, top of cake and ice cream
Cheech and to the Chong, me and you is like a nice dream
Lookin' so classy, lookin' so jazzy
Down for the daddy, your boy, Bash Bashy
I'm on some late night hype, so I might not make it home
I'm makin' moves, payin dues to the break of dawn
We gotta get it on
You wanna get it strong
I'm in the mood, you grab the tube, baby, grab the bone

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Nino Brown] True players make plays okay
             In a sea I pour, mi amor
             I'm freaking you the best
             Double G-A-L-O
             Oye mami
             Hello, got you tuggin' on this M.I.A. hielos
             Zipped in blue hypnotic cups
             The ones that get you buzzed
             Your homegirl, comin' over, man, I wish she was
             Ain't nothin' wrong with the both of us
             Bump and grindin' to this cold song
[Sara S.]    Ain't nothing sweeter than your love

Bridge: Sara S.
I just wanna love you, baby boy (Baby boy)
I'll do anything that you want and more (Anything that you want and more)
I'll make your dreams come true
You're the one, that I need, my eye candy
So, just, call, me

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Sara S.]
Just call on me
Eye candy