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Artist: Nitty Scott, MC f/ Kendrick Lamar
Album:  The Boombox Diaries, Vol. 1 EP
Song:   Flower Child
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[Nitty Scott, MC]
Pardon my Bohemian ways
I know I act like I be stuck in a Bohemian daze
You said you love me, so don't rush me
Love is patient, and now you gotta trust me
to take form, like the canvas of the Grand Canyon
Product of a beautiful storm
Or an unborn, carried just below the heart
Quietly preparing for a start
Let me Michelangelo my Sistine Chapel
You know they say Rome wasn't built in a day
and diamonds need a while 'fore they hit the display
So I guess I see myself in a similar way
I'm paced, like my momma in the kitchen whipping
Always mixing up and fixing
Begged her for a taste, and she said it wasn't ready
She stir it up slow, and she cook it up steady
This is not a race track, living in the ASAP
I'm just trying to do it justice when it play back
Sometimes I gotta start the BPM
So I can weave these dreams and polish up these gems
In the end, I got love for the show biz
But sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses
Keeping up with the Kardashians and Joneses?
Nah, I take my time and compose this

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
They say greatness get better with time
They say concrete roses hard to find
Sit inside my room, and let these thoughts bloom
It's a secret garden in my mind, flower child

[Nitty Scott, MC]
Okay, buffering, creativity suffering
when you bustling, hustling for the numbers and
you'll miss the journey if you climb too fast
The beauty of the struggle when it comes to pass
Amateurs swear they need to balance it
I want that legendary like Excalibur, chasing calibers
Liberated as a bachelor, traveler
Never falling victim to these calendars
Uh, rough draft after rough draft
No staff, perfecting all my abstract craft
And now they calling me celebrity
Only thing I give a damn about is my integrity
They play the game like checkers when I'm talking bout chess
Tryna do more when I'm talking bout less, I stress
Quantity ain't always quality
So let me formulate my prophecy

[Kendrick Lamar]
When the lights get low, you'll notice I am the sun
The winter time was snow, but only little you know
how it still breathe, give me the cheese
I'm resuscitating the game, see me and CPR, my name
is a gun cocked, gun shot, dead and I won't stop
Gun cocked, gun shot, head in a pine box
with a dozen roses, holeless with a gift card
Gun cocked, gun shot, flowers on your momma's yard


[Nitty Scott, MC]
They say greatness gets better with time
So why expedite my prime?
See I'm just a lilac tied to the Earth
Exuding the fragrance of light and birth
So respect my photosynthesis
My petals, my stems, full of nourishing flow
You thought this was a love song, but no
I just need you to let me grow