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Artist: No Malice f/ Life Dutchee
Album:  Hear Ye Him
Song:   Unforgettable
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[Chorus: No Malice] (Life Dutchee)
What I done is unforgettable, my track record's incredible
The way I moved in the trap was so impeccable
It's identity fraud
The way I hear my signature all in your bars, it's so legible
(Unforgettable) Yes (Unforgettable, unforgettable) Let the games begin!
(Unforgettable, unforgettable, as they reminisce over you, my God)

[No Malice]
As I reminisce, on what it coulda been
The choices made, the situations that they put us in
Young world, take HEED to these sentiments
Baby girl, don't you give up on your innocence
For that Louie bag, or that Michael Kors
I myself included, who don't love a filthy whore??
..But why sell yourself short?
To hell with this paper and them lines you fell for
Cause we prayin on self-esteem
And I know your momma taught you better, {bitch} you a queen!
And yes, I did my thing
But them keys can't play forever, {nigga} you a king!
Just try and dig where I'm comin from
A checkered past, but look what has become of him
King me~! As I bow down to the King's feet
+Lord Willin'+ we gonna come to the light, now that's a prophesy!


[No Malice]
We all fall short of the glory that is God's
But something about these rappers reek of a facade
We were on the brick road, all the way to Oz
To pull the curtain back, just to find it's a mirage
Late model cars, model broads everywhere
Careful where you tread, with every step the devil's near
Caution beware, for blinded is him!
Who calls it a trap yet still enters in!
Dancin for ones ain't what I find demeaning
It's havin to pick 'em up, that's dollar's a mean demon
Believe me, I too whored for that money
The best booga sugar, my pimp was a snow bunny
Got every red cent, poppa was no dummy
Every chick bad, long hair with no tummy
You should learn from me, I suffered for my wrongs
They nose still runnin like a marathon, yes!