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Artist: N.O.M.B.
Album:  Carolina Pride 12"
Song:   Carolina Pride
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Uh, Uh
N.O.M.B., N.O.M.B.
EA Sports, EA Sports
Carolina Pride y'all, lets go
Uh, Uh

[Verse 1]
I'm ridin down I-85 bouncin dirty
Oh that Carolina blue candy paint is purrty
I mean I'm the greatest out here spittin rap
N.O.M.B. was the first to put this city on the map
Let me take you back, to 1995
When we was already rollin 20's on the side
Pullin up and stoppin, playa was poppin
Beggin for a puff, look down see then cars hoppin
Toys, we drivin S-1 diamonds
For guessin they neck, man ain't that boy shinin
No matta what they charge me, gettin in the party
V.I.P.'d up, you know all the stars be
All through the weekend, ballas be meetin
Different color cars, thats how they creepin
Peep it
We bouncin and wilyin, my peoples the sheezle
Poppin them collars ooo
Wont you let us ballas through

I-95, 7-7 South
Been rollin hard and we're headin to the house
Just to get a taste of the Carolina Pride
Been rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin

[Verse 2]
We was lookin sick wit them thangs on chop
They starin at the wrist, see the karats in the watch
Suede on the doors, chrome wheels wit the beat
Got the wood-grain floors makin everything complete
In the south spendin chips, out here country trips
Big chains, pink range, low miles on the whip
Laced on the top, blazed on the drop
They know that we pay chicks and stayed in the lot
But when I creep in the club, my peeps show me love
You see me gettin hugs, it ain't no mean mug
My chain so rocked, brain so hot
Real ballas from the game, bet they came from the block
So raise it up, I can't be touched
I ain't gon front, we came to stunt
When the club close down, big cars
Big blunts, only reason shawty's china cause she ride wit a star
Everbody love us, you see they callin
We floss on you bustas cause N.O.M.B. is ballin


Yeeeaaah, Yeeeaaah
OOooo yeeeaaaah...

[Verse 3]
24's wide, rollin on the side
In the doors, fa sho we gon ride
I know you hear the bump, its N.O.M.B. gettin crunk
Commin down the street beatin twelves in the truck
Brand new sweater, brand new leather
Everything brand new, no matter the weather
DVD player, CD changer, spinnin through the kac'
Dudes kickin in the back
Fresh white tee, pinky ring gold blow
Fresh white sneaks, whole team gettin dough
Who hot is this, the - kit
I rocc my wrist, the block is lit (yeeeaaah)


Uh, N.O.M.B., EA Sports
Yeeeaah, oooh
Carolina Pride y'all lets go
Its my hometown, that im back around
There the seed that the crown turn and smile
Come to show love, to all my bruh's
Sistas and all look at the ball
Yea, yea, yea, yea