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Artist: Non Phixion
Album:  The Green CD/DVD
Song:   The Freshfest
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Verse One]
It was a time when life when was mad simple (SO SIMPLE)
Me and my people listened to records and used to rock rhymes all day
We didn't pay rent, moms had that, monkey on her back
My main concern back then, was kickin funky rap
And fantasizin bout bein signed to Def Jam
Around that time 3rd Bass got dissed by X-Clan
It was a crazy time in hip-hop
"Follow the Leader" was my shit back then, and got crazy props

[Verse Two]
Coca-Cola, rugbies and Benettons; the adore of tongues
Graf flicks, summer cookouts in the project halls
Smoky lungs, off to the jam in the park
Where only real MC's performed and were the ones who had heart
Havin cyphers at gunpoint, b-boppin see you in Hunt's Point
Cowboy stee', leather vest at one point
So real it is I never thought I'd even make it this far
So real it is I never thought I'd even make it this far

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
MC's, you know what we talkin about
DJ's, y'all know what we talkin about
Write graffiti on the train, do your thing, no doubt
B-Boys and B-Girls, turn the party out

[Verse Three]
When Red Alert was bangin it on KISS
I made my first demo tape, no better yet I made my first hit
At least I thought it was at the time
Today I think I'm just as nice as all the cats that made me wanna rhyme

  It was Kangol, Doc Ice, U.T.F.O.
  Roxanne rivalry, I heard it on the radio

[Verse Four]
The Show" was Doug Fresh, the Bronx was at they best
While Rockmaster Scott blew up the live request
Spraypaint was toxic, Shinehead was with the rosters
Days was spent lookin for refridgerator boxes

  Battlin MC's in front of Marlboro Houses
  Packin razor blades inside my kangaroo pouches

[Verse Five]
EPMD and, Run-D.M.C. and
Public Enemy was at the Nausau Coliseum
You shoulda seen 'em, sold out crowds and bright lights
Party people in the place with only one or two fights

  I remember how I felt when Scott LaRock got shot
  I was there when Greg Nice would beatbox for T-La Rock

And Slick Rick was rockin jewels I never seen before
Non Phixion, you can catch us on the Freshfest Tour!