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Artist: Northstar f/ 5 Foot Hyper Sniper, Ramona, Rugged Monk
Album:  For Every Will There is a Way
Song:   There It Is (Vetted)
Typed by: pneumatic, Christbearer

Yo, Yeah, Uhh, Yeah, Yo, Yo
I'm a menace to societies O-Dog and Cane
The do it for self diety, Go blog my name
I ghost ride, My flow hogs the lane
My Guantanamo four-four jogs your brain
I got the lyrics that de-fog the game
I'm off the chain, Like police dogs on caine
I'm from the Beach this peice logs the pain
Where rats fuck alley cats and grease clogs the drain
I'm so official I leap frogs the lames
Maintain the bane and be fogs the grain
I come out cripping when B. Dogs is flamed
See he's children on see-saws and aim
Yeah, Long Beach or Al Capone Beach
The reverend had his peace, Let Al Capone preach
Snoop Dogg on the phone with Creep
We at the car show with Pamona deep
Who got the kind of players California keep
In fact I'm on one, I don't want to speak
I hot box the aroma seep

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper]
Yeah, Yeah
After seven days, Yeah my life's still the truth
I'm like a ball player, I'll put up numbers, I aint scared of shooting
Kobe Bryant Laker, Eighty-one in the coupe
The six fifty Audi, Same color as tomato soup
I got so many bitches, They call me baby Luke
Nah I'm Grey Street, I stay fresh cut like a fruit
And my crew too live we stay and route
Brooklyn Zu, Yall niggas better put up yall dukes
This shit is a hazard, I'm from the soul of Ol' Dirty Bastard
Who's badder, Nobody, I'm like Debo on Friday
So what's next an ass whooping from Craig on Friday
Or a new Swarm album from Bobby, I do this shit for a hobby

[Hook: Ramona]
I'll send my hats out sixteen steps
We'll sort of flex, I'll sip the sex
Well G expects this in this nexus
Hit this next baby then forget this
Dig in deep to where I creep
The roaches leap, Apostrophe
Underground is where I'm found
My mind aint sound, And so my
Eye ball's blinking and my finger tips
And with perching lips I can feel your touch
And my quivers, And my shivers
And my dagger le-le-le-leather

[Rugged Monk]
Ayo, Finessed with a steady grip, Penmanship so accurate
It's natural to show my talent off so effortless
It's evident, The Black Knights sound aint irrelevant
It's Heaven sent, Gross nothing but them dead Presidents
Raid your residence, Deal with supreme intelligence
No ignorance or foolishness I'm stainless steel with this
Sword that I pull and never miss the target that I'm after
Call me the body snatcher or the bone collector
Rhyme slayer, Mr. Bar Mitzvah, Panty raider
Keep an ill verse and shut up all the critics and the haters
Monk spit regardless, Even if he tired
Cause my notebook fully loaded, Equip with rapid fire