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Artist: Nottz f/ Joell Ortiz
Album:  You Need This Music
Song:   The Cycle
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Umm-hmm, my dog just came home (woo!)
Just did ten in the pen, he at it again
Been out for four days, picked up a lil' weight on him
Got young'ns doin hand-to-hand and guess who's the boss?
Nigga handin out packs like he was Santa Claus
Don't call him Saint Nick, call him Saint Brick
Know all about them birds and I ain't talkin eclectic
Real cautious with his words on the jack never reckless
Now check this, call up his boy Miguel he once shared a cell with
Told him 'bout the plan he had to get him out the pro-jects
(Fool-proof plan) He told Miguel, "No sweat!"
("Dog, I ain't touchin shit!") "Man, we got them boys on deck"
The plan's intact, time for the movie to begin
In fact, ain't no room for pretend
The consequences, jack, they ain't the same when you got
two strikes and one pending, some never learn pimpin

The cycle never end (nah)
Some people come home to go back in
The streets are too much, feelin like they can't win
They rather three hots in a cot, easier than the block
I said, the cycle never end (nah)
Some people come home to go back in
The streets are too much, feelin like they can't win
Jail is the only way to survive, they institutionalized, ahh

[Joell Ortiz]
Uh! So now it's on, that boy rockin that D-wop
He got it poppin all like 19 Street block
His swagger changed, he got a brand new bee-bop
And Gucci kicks replaced his Classic Reeboks (c'mon)
His rims spinnin at the light when his V stop
And forty inches from his neck where his piece drops
And you should see his new girlfriend, she's hot
In other words, all together, now HE'S hot
He constantly gets pulled over by beat cops
Them lil' tickets don't mean nothing, he keeps knots
But that's the smallest of his worries, they eavesdrop
On every convo, tapped his phone so when he copped (what?)
that last brick, they followed his whip, down the Strip
And when he made the drug lick, they waved the Fifth like, "FREEZE, POP~!"
"Hands behind ya head, down on ya knees, pop!"
His workers got ten, how much you think he got?


[Joell Ortiz]
Uh! "Dear fam, waddup y'all, what's good?"
That's ya boy Papito reachin out to the hood (letters)
Bet he realize that ain't the place to be (word)
His daughter twelve, he ain't seen her since the age of three
And his grandmother passed, just to let y'all know (what else?)
His whole fam was at the wake but they ain't let him go
Millie messin with Dave now, his girl with his best friend
Safe to say he learnin his lesson (hmm..) or is he?

Hell nah, Joell! 
The minute he got out, he gets right back at it
Err'day's a new dollar and a new addict to serve
And some cats are addicted to the inside
From the inside, you hear the same thang brothers sayin 
("Listen, I was young befo'") ("I ain't goin to jail no mo'")
("Promise y'all that I'ma stay home") That's what they all say
(But soon as his money low, right back in the streets he go)
(When you turn around and he's gone) He gone