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Artist: Obie Trice f/ Adrian Rezza
Album:  Bottoms Up
Song:   Battle Cry
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[Adrian Rezza]
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, battle cryyyyyy

I've been shot by my critics
Talked about by the cynics
Feel like my life's on display
Like the museum exhibits
Puts my life on the line
Invested years in these lines
Just straight thirst and they need it
Now hear my battle cryyyyyyyyyyyy~!

[Obie Trice]
O, Trice, back, at it
They don't wanna see him platinum, they just wanna see him brrrat'ed
They wanna see him tec somethin, Kwame Kilpatrick
Get next to him so they can be the first to rat it
Savage, put him in a casket
Categorize him, say "Cheers" was a classic, that's it
As if, he ain't bring the city to the masses
Minus Mathers, by my name is a asterisk
Like the craft ain't show 'em where the cash at
Like my path's all half-step
Like I ain't work the bag on the ave
I swear they ass backwards, let 'em put a nigga in the trash
O has fought, as you should
Never mind a player hater long as you good
Never change gutter, so you can downplay my name?
O still the same - c'mon

[Chorus 2X: Adrian Rezza]
Keep goin, keep goin on
Keep goin, keep goin onnnnnnn
This is my battle cryyyy, battle cry

[Adrian Rezza]
I've been waiting with patience
In the dark like a vagrant
It's servin this circus
Where fans want entertainment
My wings have been clipped
But now I'm ready to fly
In the heavens with angels
While devils wished I'd diiiiiiiiiied~!

[Obie Trice]
O, Trice, back, at it
I ain't never came wack; all I ever gave's crack
All I ever gave's back
Ain't a human being on this Earth say opposite that
You can misconstrue what he do cause he cruise 
in an automobile or two - I know how to trap
I know how to double up, then double back
No matter the circumstance he emerge from that
Used to, serve 'em bundles, not a verse intact
Used to, worship onions now I service rap
But certain cats uncertain with that
Rather see him have service, dirt nap
Like I deserve them curses
Like I don't speak in cursive
Like I ain't got a purpose
Beast of the streets, dope stay on O. Trice's person

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Outro: Obie]
BME, Obie Trice
2011, Bottoms Up, y'know
Some days you the dog, some days you the hydrant
Gotta keep it movin, yeah