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Artist: Obie Trice
Album:  Bottoms Up
Song:   LeBron On
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[Obie Trice]
To say that I'm, underrated is a sign of hatred
Despite my accolades O. Trice made it
Come from, where babies don't meet, the brother made him
He in the grave or he doin what the judge gave him
Uhh, all day for that small piece of yay
Make a collect call, get a moment or three
When that moment up he momentarily see
why he was sent up when morally for me
Uhh, uhh, you could say I'm underrated
But that's a understatement, nigga made it off the pavement
"Bottoms Up" ain't a phrase I just play with
Nigga we from the hood, that there is sacred
Any opportunity knocks, you take it
Any opposition blocks, that's hatred
Any artillery cops, you make it
Put 'em in they faces and blaze 'em, nigga

[Chorus: Obie Trice]
They say he ain't worthy (worthy) he done switched jerseys (jerseys)
Gave you seven years like it's seven too early (huh?)
Won a championship there, now they burn my jersey (damn!)
Same folk love me wanna bury me (bury me~!)
Now I'm on a franchise (BME) I ain't supposed to get my ball on
Triple-doubles when you put me in your headphones (Trice!)
Been a team player, now I'm a player
No? Well I guess I gotta get my LeBron on

[Obie Trice]
King Trice runnin point, can't hold him in
They try to block my shot but them niggaz is goaltendin
Oh we won't stop, don't see where the road endin
Like it or not niggaz I'm to the hole with it
Now I could foul out when niggaz throwin intentionals
Sit me on the bench but this more as detention though
That fo' inch barrel on that fo'-fo'
hits you in the bone marrow, nigga you don't want it no mo'
E'rybody gangsta, see 'em in the streets
They're no longer entertainers, they just wanna speak
I just want the beat
Sell a few records, maybe catch up on my tweets, team BME
Grease the industry in my breakaway pants
Make the ladies dance, you wanna take away my chance?
Love is as deep as your loyalty
Whether it's BME or I got the white boy with me; c'mon


Ha ha, let's go
B, M, E, niggaz
B, M, E, yeah
Shoutout to Shady Records
Em, D-12, Royce Da 5'9", Slaughterhouse what's up?
G-Unit what up? Fif', Yayo, Banks
Buck, Game - that's the G-Unit I know
What's up? Stat Quo, what it do? Ayy!
Bobby Creek, what up? Killa Ca$his
Yeah... Happy New Year's muh'fuckers
Obie Trice... @RealObieTrice on Twitter
Fuck with me, ha ha ha
Love me or hate me, it's nothin but bid'ness!

{*Obie imitating LeBron James at a press conference with reporters clamoring*}
Um, and the way I ball, I'ma take my talents to BME