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Artist: Obie Trice
Album:  Bottoms Up
Song:   Ups and Downs
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[Chorus: Obie Trice]
I've been up, and I've been down
And I had this world kick me around
But I bounce back, now take a look at me now
Say I don't trust them, I don't trust them hoes
I see my dreams in front of me unfold
And this crazy world is oh so cold
And to my seed, let the story be told
Never did trust them, I don't trust them hoes

[Obie Trice]
Yea; they back-stab ya, with no malice
Rat bastards, grown men turn faggots
You could shake a nigga hand 'til your palm get calluses
Calculate grams with 'em, tally up math and he
still turn around and leave you stiff, paralysis
If we was parallel this possibly wouldn't happen
It would just be a myth
And all that envious shit wouldn't exist
Since this stimulates some niggaz to spit
I let 'em smell the stench when a nigga's pushin the six
We could take it to that extent, wait a minute, let 'em vent
Vicious niggaz incubators, shit could made it then
Replace them with real gentlemen
These feminine faggots shouldn't have been on this planet
They send the niggaz upstate to they grandpappy's
Puttin nothin past these tattlin bastards


[Obie Trice]
There you got groupie chicks goin at him
Fabricatin what happened, just to platinum they clothes
It's a patter-n, they want you to man-handle 'em
'til they ass exposed
Put you on the news, she a nuisance
It take two to tango but she don't think so
Hoes is abusive so I drink slow
I realize the future when I mingle
Hoes set you up, so rough they
forget the hoe they were
They focus on false shit what didn't occur
Deceive detectives, statements are blurred
Reversin what virtually happened with her
Her don't trust
Baby we just had a burr
She willingly lift up her skirt, Your Honor


[Obie Trice]
Now see this industry's risky if you ain't 50
They don't mark your dollars
You see Interscope's iffy, if he sell less than
multi-million dollar copies they drop him
See, Jimmy's watchin
If he, purchase my product
O might have options, show progress
Longest most y'all coppin
The nonsense is opposite of him
Props givin when the projects shows profit
This process is hard for most artists
If he ain't targetted as what's poppin
This is not O. Trice's problem
Real name, no gimmicks, get it regardless
Steel guard up, don't trust A&R's cause
if they knew music we'll be much farther


[unknown signer]
Hoe, dust off and bust, the rest of us
Ha-ha ha ha ha ha-ha
Don't trust them, I don't trust them
Na-na na na
She lyin while you're cryin them tears
But I been schooled by these streets for years
I don't trust them, I don't trust them
Na-na na na, na-na na na, na-na na na
Na-na na na, na-na na na... {*fades out*}