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Artist: Obie Trice
Album:  Cheers
Song:   Don't Come Down
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Dont come down, things will always work out
Dont come down, things will always work out
Dont come down, things will always work out
So when you find yourself in tears.

As a child I was foul
Ma, I couldn't understand them things that came out your mouth
(Daddy's ain't shit!)
You would fuss, cuss till your blood pressure was up
Then give up and slouch on the couch and drink ya liquor
(Fuck you boy!)
A hard headed nigga I was, quick temper
Short attention span, not attending class (no)
What a dummy, I would run over you hunny
You confront me and say "Obie you no longer have a mommy"
Don't use my phone, don't even eat my food
Matter of fact we don't speak and it was just me and you
In the house with the mouse and them traps and that gat
Waiting on the day for you to pull that trigger back


"You tryin to kill me boy! that's what you wanna do? kill me?!"
Ma you're not feelin me, the beepers not that drastic
"Blasted bastard, you're lying, lying!"
"You tuck plastic freezer bags with dope inside em!"
She knew (damn) but she hated that it was true
"I done raised 2 boys, I can do away with you"
The locks changed and the nights got colder.
I'm slangin boulders lookin like lookin like a boat of toga
But fuck it im the O'Ster, I'm down for mines Ma
She ride by my corner like "I'm not gon cry"
"I will not rid the pain of watchin my youngest man"
"From, on the corner slanging cain to callin the cops"


Even though I left the house wrong
Seventeen years old on my own, using these streets as my home
There's no need to prolong this beef dear I love you
Miss Elenor Trice, I place no one above you
You the reason when I hustle, I knew to stack
The reason when I opened up mics, I knew to rip
Your ethics you enstored in this hectic young brotha
Rubbed off after all, now look at your boy
When they ask about me now, you don't just put your head down
Straighten up Ma, you could smile now proud
Everythings kosher with the boasterous O'Ster
Let's get closer, so regrets never approach us

[Chorus - repeat 2x]

[guitar solo]