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Artist: Obie Trice f/ Nate Dogg
Album:  Second Round's on Me
Song:   All of My Life
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[Intro: Obie Trice] + Nate Dogg
Say niggaz in Detroit don't make beats
Straight out the hood nigga
My nigga Trell, Obie Trice, Shady Records

[Nate Dogg]
From hard times (All of my life)
Got this lady on my mind
To good times (All of my days)
Wanna hit it all the time
She's mine (struggled with strife)
I was down and locked away
She's mine (thought about it everyday)
From hard times

[1st Verse]
You know a nigga wanna touch your body
We can keep in touch have an after party
Know you wanna fuck cause your acting naughty
You see us in the matress probably, ha
Wanna be involved cause the entourage I'm endulged in
You say you love my dirty drawers you're all in
Wanna sleep with the star, be baby mom
Eat lobster, see where you're coming from
Cause hey that nigga got dick for days
And ain't to many niggaz blessing those ways
I guess I just get better with old age
Cause in my hey, puss made me say "May day"
Anyway, today I'm a different human being
I crush 'em, make 'em scream
It's nothing, ain't a thing
Fronting like the dick ain't off the chain
Slicing niggaz tires and things

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]]
(From hard times, All of my life)
At the after party, we can get naughty watchin your body
(To good times, All of my days)
Get the shit started, coke and bacardi
Get juice and gin, and up off that ready to roll
(It's my time)
At the after party, it's a private party
What happens at the party stays at the party
Girl go and party, back up that body
Into my body, girl let's go
(From hard times)

[2nd Verse]
You know I'm somewhere where I can ease my mind be
On some island, dime piece beside me
No paparazzi, eyeing at hiney
But I am right behind she
Wanna bump and grind, crying saying I'm all up in her side
Bringin down her menustration cycle
Girl I lay pipe the the right, pipe to the left
Pipe all night, a pipe dream right
O Trice advice your type
If it ain't him it's a nigga in my clique you like
If the misses insists on the dick tonite
We throw assists like Scott Pip and Mike
You blow a kiss on my tip you just might
Get a whiff off the kid up in your windpipe
Now see that insight, it excites
Cause she's undressing for that sex right?


[3rd Verse]
Take time out my hectic schedule
Just to give you the pleasure your request fo'
When I hit your spine that's how you measure O
Tell your girlfriends you ain't had it like this before
Now your girlfriends all up in the mits of O
Wanna be mistress, all cause a few extra inches
Blew back your entrance, you lack experience
New jack, my crew ran through that for instance
We can fuck from dusk til dawn
It's no discussion who's nuts your on
She's such in a rush to cum
Wanna choke on a dong, like it's a bong
And what is he doin, he making her moan
Make her wanna leave that mothafucka she got back home
All O knowing is to keep hoes going
Enjoying O Trice's groin

(All of my life)
Got this lady on my mind
(To good times, all of my days)
Wanna hit it all the time
(It's my time, struggle and strife)
I was down and locked away
Thought about it everday
(From hard times)