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Artist: Obie Trice
Album:  Second Round's on Me
Song:   Out of State
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[Intro: Obie Trice] + (Stat Quo)
(Where you at nigga?)
I'm on the road.  I'm on my way down there, 75 south nigga
(Man bring that muthafuckin work man.  We gotta fill these god damn streets
You understand what I'm talkin bout pimp need ta ask...)

[1st Verse]
Roll out, striaght to the A-T-L
Coming from the D-E-T gotta bail
Gotta get mail in abundance
Stat watch that yay on the oven
Nigga this hustling
Had enough getting nothin
Couped in the group, ballers gotta get accustomed
So I push that dust, thust me crush 'em
Push that new stank ugly
Snowflakes in the hood like flurrys
Nigga so urgently gotta earn that cheese affirmitevly
The firm with me gotta turn the keys of a 64 fever
So eager, go re-up
Get cheese on an old school beeper
No two-ways, no feds
Only way a nigga get head, get bread
Stay low pro, no po-po
No hoes in the spot where the dough grows

We got to get this paper dawg any way it takes
Before you see a nigga like myself break
Even if it means that we rollin out of state
Gotta get it at a good rate
Get bucks, come home with the weight up

[2nd Verse]
Dippin now, straight to the C-A-L
Get Dre on the phone
Gotta put that fluff on hold
Home grown, holmes know
Bubonic chronic gots ta move on it soon as possible
Honest U-Haul's moving by two annonymous drivers reclining
Just a couple of folks reload, from the west to the east coast
Gotta get that dough, flip them bows
Get back to the mo' like pronto
With guacamole niggaz, can't grow these
Got it where they make nachos
Not so? taste that
Wipe the a-jax off that plastic wrap
Look at him now, his ass sagging like my dickie khaks'
In fact nigga cheif on that
Please believe I gotta get them stacks


[3rd Verse]
Haters, faders know, Detroit flavor gave us bank roll
Nigga never stress those stank hoes, Minnesota got that stro we on
Petroleon, on that rap
Gotta flip them o's like that
Get that dough right back, gotta make sure niggaz in tact strapped
Niggaz get mad, gotta have what you got
Gotta put them boys in bags, make noise niggaz know you ain't having that
Gotta have it at, gettin assets
Where the math at, nigga pass that
No average, pure
What do you think a nigga down here for?
Get more, gotta push them Bentley 'Zures
Niggaz on empty, gotta get it up plenty
Niggaz don't hear me