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Artist: Obie Trice
Album:  Special Reserve
Song:   I Am
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[Obie Trice]
Yo, yo I been wreckin shop since I can hardly remember
Then I pick niggaz off they axe, yell "TIMBERRRRRR!"
Obie Trice the big lip slim nigga
I got the antidote that'll heat the fuckin winter
I'm too nice for MC's to wanna fight with this
I'm more like Christ when I recite my shit
So come and +Meet Joe Black+, cause I'm the voice that you hear
when you're havin a heart attack and I appear
Obie Trice the ill nigga, Hilfiger
Polo, Girbaud, boost out the sto's
Catch niggaz on the avenue (WHO NEED CLOTHES?!)
Code name Lenny; nigga give me a penny
Penetrate your pussy girl, when I'm tipsy
Don't be scared, when the biscuit's in your lights
And I cock back to cause death on site
Shit, I'm like Iron Mike when that nigga first appeared
I'm like Michael Jordan at the prime of his career
I'm like Nasty Nas down +Memory Lane+
+Sittin in Da Park+ after dark slingin my 'caine
I'm Obie Trice
Yo, I'm Obie Trice

[Chorus: scratched samples by DJ Grouch]
"Y-y-y'all, y'all know the name!"
"One in a mil'" - "Got it made"
"Clever with rhymes, it's like whatever with mines"
"Represent, by all means"
"Let your mans know"
"I am" - "Obie Trice, brings terror"
"Strapped with the heat"
"Mr. Trice, dopest nigga"

[Obie Trice]
Yo, yo I done travelled the world, fuck physical
but through soundwaves with my name engraved in cortex cere-bre-als
Cross the planet, niggaz took Obie Trice for granted
but managed to think twice, when a slug landed
Hand it to Obie, he'll fuck some'n up!
That shit follow me since I been breakin Tonka trucks
And cause I rap now, you think that you trap
Can't remind me of that plow from way back
I come equipped with lyrics that assist niggaz in depth
O-vorkian, at the fuckin sickly's request
I leave a mess, and take Slim Shady's advice
Cock, a wig and high heels and RuPaul for life
Obie motherfuckin Trice

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Obie Trice]
I'm fat, I'll never lose that like Subway Jared
I keep killin niggaz from the, shit that you're hearin
And while I'm at my hearin, shit I just grim the judge
Roll my eyes 'til the debt don't budge
And bounce when a bitch pronounce, not guilty
Been filthy, fuckin sluts 'til nuts empty
Ugly bitches tempt me, run it
I take 'em old school with the C-section slits down her stomach
Most people might vomit
Gimme stretch marks and cigarette burns, I pay homage boo
Y'all hoes need love too
I'd rather fuck you, while the boys scream (FUCK YOU!!)

[Chorus] w/ minor variations & extra scratches