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Artist: Obie Trice
Album:  Special Reserve
Song:   You've Been Slain
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All I know is, all I know is he was just there and somebody just shot 'em

[Verse 1 - Obie Trice]
You done caught a couple, you twisted on the side of the car
You got a crowd of motherfuckers in awe
You got bitches with they lips in they palm
Starin so hard, that you can not stay calm
Everybody screamin (*screaming*)
Motherfuckers like "don't touch that nigga dog, he might stop breathin" (breathin)
Little children takin five minute intervals
In between playing time, to see ya layin down
You caught up in a cipher but you ain't rippin flow
You ripped up from chest to navel
Movin your limbs, you're just not capable
The way it's lookin like it ain't no savin you
You wanna talk, wanna scream out help though
These motherfuckers can't help you
These motherfuckers ain't medical
These motherfuckers got Tylenol 3s, no IVs
Your chest start movin at a rate like pistons in the engine
Now you cryin out and bitchin
It's like you drownin and you can't reach the surface
While the blood's lopin out ya womb, makin ya nervous
God damn this shit hurt and
One of your lungs done fell and that means curtains
The ambulance arrive (*siren*)
You got your thumb squeezin in between your four fingers tryin to stay alive (stay alive)
And what you seein lookin dim even (dim even)
You feelin like it's thirty below but it's the third season (third season)
Pissed off 'cause ya hear the box beepin (*beeping*)
You can't get that money, you stressed out leakin
Lookin like a freak show (freak show)
While the thug cats freak they blacks starin at you to see slow (see slow)
What the fuck you in the streets for? The medical crew sides
They can see it in your eyes, you won't survive
But they play they part, 'cause they don't want the residents callin Problem Solvers
They throw you in the wagon and they problem's over
They skirt out, to make the people at ease
But before reachin the 'spital, they can see you at ease
You've been slain motherfucker ('fucker)
You've been slain (slain)

(*sound of heart monitor for 5 seconds and then flatlines*)