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Artist: Oblique Brown
Album:  Oblique Brown
Song:   Four More Years
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[Verse 1]
Guerilla speech spitter, script raps from facts, ack
the patriot acts intended target barks back
pardon my hardened views, but listen close dude
I'm two rhymes away from a hard cold cells view
from Guantanamo Bay, cause the shit i'm prone to say
dont sit well while the ink's still, wet on the constitution
amended, rendered a blatant danger this year
cause America's patterened on a culture of fear
I never gave a fuck if George Bush or Kerry won
I still ain't shit, just a third class American
thinkin' this the life that my dear God willed
but I'm livin' in the kingdom that the House of Saud built

[Verse 2]
The bullet or the ballot, I guess you chose both poisons
sendin' our sons to die, on foreign soils since
they ain't your sons, they're brown like me
while your son's gettin drunk, gettin a Yale degree
he's rockin a Che shirt, as daddy hits paydirt
bankrolling politicians who claim we lack faith
but your politics informed by a fuckin' tax break
masked by a patronizing democratic fervor
to exploit Iraqi people and justify their murder
truth is, we livin' under theocractic rule
in God We Trust, the new neo fascist tool
is money, and you helped put these vultures inside
let em pump you fear then blame a cultural divide
what the fuck do I expect when Jerry Falwell's your guide
White Amerikkka's in crisis, and what would Christ say?
bout the family structure of these brown black faces?
well lets take a closer look at what divorce rates is-
twice the national average in your bible belt
and yall elected Bush to help revive our health?
26 of 28 states with the lowest income rates swayed in his favor
and he's your fuckin' savior?
yall stupid as fuck or compelled by Christian guilt
thinkin' this the life that your dear god willed
but you livin' in the kingdom that the house of Saud built