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Artist: Oblique Brown
Album:  Oblique Brown
Song:   Oblique Brown
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[Verse 1]
It was the, moment I feared, the corner was clear
or so I thought then a fucking cop appeared
in my rearview, red-blueberries was flashing
flagged me to the side of the road, starte daskin'
for "License, Registration", stayed silentand patient
waitin... as the cop ran my plates, he came back moments later
scanning my face, disappointed, "Ain't no warrants in my name
and this ride's clean man, I got it in my mama's name, what I do?
"You ran a red, illegal U, that's two tickets!"
"Cool, pass em over, i'd love to stay and kick it
but I'll catch you in court, you know I'ma fight it!"
"What! Hold up Osama, don't be so near-sighted!"
Before I snatched the ticket, the cop got excited
clutched his glock and screamed, "Don't even budge bitch!"
Thought he'd call Tom Ridge to tell him "flip the color switch"
A white boy rocks a beard, he's consided rugged
and if I sport one, I'ma threat to the public!
"What you got in the trunk? Any guns-drugs-explosives?"
"Nope, got some CD's though, you can keep as coasters!"
"Where'd you come from?"- "Right around the corner
I just rocked a show man, go ask the owner!"
"Hmm, you had drinks, even 1 or 2 Corona's?"
"Nope, i'm an organd onor, but it's too early to be one!"
"You ever been to jail?" "Nope" - "Well you 'bout to be once!"
"On what charges?" - "Any charges I choose fuck!
DUI, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct"
"Yup, guess I'm America's worst nightmare
cause I'm young, brown and look MiddleEastern"
"Yea, now get out the car, hands up, knees on the floor"
I said, "My sister went to Seton Hall, I know about the law"
he's like, "Dude, your face is probable cause"


I stepped out the car, put my hands upon the hood
the cop calling me names, insulting my manhood
patted me down, found a box of Newports
threw them to the ground and warned, "Dont make me use force"
"Force for what? I ain't puttin' up resistance
you ain't gonna villainize me to validate your existence"
"Listen boy, this is routine procedure
keep yappin' and I'll revoke your Visa"
right then, my girl pulled up, right beside me
jumped out her car and asked the officer politely
'What's goin' on here, leave him alone
he ain't do shit we just on our way home
from listening to some music" 'Mind your business"
She proceeded, so he turned and started starin at her boobs
and made comments, about the way that she strut
staring at her butt, calling her a slut
fuck, I reacted, jabbed his back with my elbow
"Shit, fuck, aww hell no..."
all along all this copper was lookin' for was a reason
and I gave him one, "Assault" see you at the precinct

[Verse3 ]
I'm sitting at the station, cuffed to a cell
Surrounded by browns and cold steel smell
Wondering why, we crossed the dark waters
With its past slavery, exploitation, slaughter
Through the bars in the cell, CO's tossing ham sandwiches
Laughing, treating us like savages
But America's built on inhumane pain
And I bet you felt safe when the Fox News came
That Uday and Qusay Hussein slain you we all the same if you black you sell crack
if you brown you down buildings
Timmy McVeigh did the same shit, yall killed him
But you ain't trample the rights of your whitec ivilians
Didn't harass 'em, or ask 'em for Passports, Visas
Didn't freeze their assets, no search nos eizures
While Bush is up on stage, quoting Jesus
While the sons of the slums ,cuffed up on trumpedc harges
Cause we look different, talk different, labeled as Jihadists
..back in the cell I'm nodding off to a drip
from a tap, but this cats lyin in his own piss
awakens my sense of smell, I'm still in hell
a day later saw the judge, ain't have to post bail
got release on my ownr ecognizance
with a court date, no lawyer, shit ain't looking promising
"It is what it is, kiss your wifey and kids
And if they ask you better tell 'em, you might come back a felon
Oblique Brown, Oblie-Oblique-Oblique Brown
deep down, beat down by the system"