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Artist: Oddisee f/ Phonte
Album:  101
Song:   The Perch
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[Verse One] [Oddisee]
This here beyond top shelf shit
I'm on display right here by the exit
Call and request this, put it on your check list
Feel free to let us sound like we on the guest list
Yes this be the one and only 
One to shun the phonies, ain't nothin' on me
I'm clean, shine like shave with So Glo
Old for the kids, but the flow for grown folks
Know what I did for the truth and all that
Come with it when I'm in the booth with raw raps
I come with it
Young hit it on the money like the Wheel Of Fortune
Somethin' jive this and that's real important
I'm here to fill the void like Deep Space 9
Not here to fill the noise like deep base lines
Let's all listen
Godfather here, wanna bless y'all mission
[Verse Two] [Phonte]
Grab a hold of your horses
A grown man talkin' nigga, lower your voices
No negotiation, this is not a democracy
Nope, not even probably
Ain't no other choices
I came to give voice to the voiceless
But some people say that my poise is
Similar to arrogance
Thinkin' they babblin'
Been travelin' worldwide
They sayin' "Nigga, Tay you anointed."
With the gift to make all
The people wanna take off 
They shoes and shake off they blues on the flo'
Any day, any week
Any track, any beat
Just keep my snare hittin' on the two and the four
For each and every-one
Tay lay it down like Bed, Bath & Bey-ond
It's not no fable
He's the thoroughbred fresh out the stable
Always God willing and comfort-able