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Artist: Omni
Album:  Funkdafied Freddy
Song:   Chess Champ
Typed by: iamomni dot com

look into my ???
and tell me what you tell me
ya ???
don't try to ???

the eye of the lion
stand strong like goliath
mix the water with the fire sign
travel like time tables
mankind united to find spine made of stone
flesh and bone made from the soil of nazareth
survive like savages
time are so scandalous
new york ???
music keeps the candle lit
shine the light
straight from los angeles
peace, love, cannibus
war, hate and alcohol
take a swig and hand it off
take a puff and pass it on
add the lyric to the beat
mix it down and that's the song
we're gonna live forever
we bring this shit together
the world will never end
realize it's evident
we're all heaven-sent
tell a foe
tell a friend that
money isn't real
it's a figment of imagination
???? be aware of what you're chasing
you know the lord forgive you
look at all the things he sent you
now you know of what you do
let's continue
I can't sleep
all this hatred's keeping me awake
who's the stranger in the mirror
yeah I recognize the face
in danger
it's hard holding on to too much anger
he needs help
he's reaching out
somebody answer me
can't talk to my crew
can't talk to my family
life's trying to challenge me
fuck it
I plead insanity
they can't take my face off the street
that's like the bass off the beat
I gotta peep from all corners closing in
keep opening
creeping in the dungeon
me strolling in
you're too stoned to notice it
tip-toe-ing all slow and shit
she stood motionless
???? counting his poker chips
the ??? ??? from the east wing
a vegan briefing
put your fucking hands in the air
nobody's leaving
this is og burgundy brown
nobody's leaving
they better have their teeth
in order to be war
there has to be peace
rise like the sun on the east
rise like the sun on the beach
on the streets making ends meet
ain't shit sweet
it runs deep niggas don't sleep
time after time
time after time