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Artist: Omni f/ Moleman
Album:  Funkdafied Freddy
Song:   Coca Cola Classic
Typed by: iamomni dot com

we don't take too kindly to yall transformers
yip, yap, yap yelling bitches and informers
that's the type of shit to make a nigga hit a corner
run up in your spot in a car full of stoners, stoners
ya'll niggas is some loners
you need to get up off your shoulders, and smell some folgers crystals
and watch out for my missiles, ya niggas never learn
your fucking with americas most
but first,
if your scared go to church
bring your own greyhound buses in your town, put it in work
service cd's silly, nigga some cd's
mutha fucka, aint no bitches getting freebees
I need a bitch with looks lips, that sucks dick, just too sick
lapdance me while I suck on my toothpick
I got some new fits to match with my new kicks
I need a new bitch, my last ones a nuisance
that's improvement
nigga where the fuck you been, just lengthy lengthy
nigga, limping on the limb
not trippin with these bitches or trippin off they trim
I'm the type of nigga to mack your bitch on the whim
nigga this is moleman
you changed your name on the slim
two players from the west, I put some game on this film
delivery, express, express
it's a triple express, express
excess, no stress
I pop my collar so hard, I break a bone in my neck

walk with a limp, talk like a pimp, look like a pimp, nigga I am a pimp (x2)

I can't stand this shit, these open hands and shit
what the fuck you want from me, you aint getting shit
except balls and dicks, she taking all of it
when I'm finished, she take me to the mall and shit
let her polish it, she do it real good
she need a scholarship but I aint taking her out the hood

walk with a limp, talk like a pimp, look like a pimp, nigga I am a pimp (x2)

walk with a limp, talkin' like a pimp, walking with a limp
smokin', I'm a straight pimp (x3)

walking with a limp, I talk like a pimp, smoking like a pimp
I am a pimp
I aint no fucking joke, I aint no fucking joke