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Artist: Omni f/ Otherwise
Album:  Funkdafied Freddy
Song:   Hammerdance
Typed by: iamomni dot com

to the sweet stripping blondes, with nothing on but a thong
and silver balls planted in they tongue, I say
I don't know what you want to stand there for, for damn sure
especially when there's a puddle of blood on the floor
I've seen your misses, yeah she got a nice figure
bust she still look like a nigga on her drivers license picture
with an evil eye, I ask do you drive?
these dudes and I are far too high for dui
after the show, at the mo'
found a condom with semen dripping from a little hole
in the middle where the wiggle go
in the hand of a ho, strangle with a plug
and obvious sign of a struggle judging from how trashed the place was
footsteps lead to a flooded tub, puddles of blood on the rug
her roommate found drowned, face up
laced up in lingerie, the message on the foggy mirror said
"she wouldn't do the hammer dance for me"

hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me
do the running man for me (x4)

you got the bubbling brown sugar
record spinning the boogie girl
you sweeter than jujubes, and shake it like jitterbugs
I'm feelin' ya, baby grab a cup and I'll fill it up
sure baby girl, I remember ya
I knew the junk in the backyard looked familiar
the way you shake it, when you break it down it will kill you
now that I know you, I don't need to get to know you
lets skip the introduction
leave and do something naughty
why don't you do something nasty
don't be afraid, you can be a freak and still classy
and please don't get offended, baby girl I'm just asking
you got to understand that I'm a man, don't put it past me
the ass be bouncing like a 64 chassey
get a me, im from la, where you from?
here's my number, hit me up
I'll come and beat the nappy
she grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear you can't outlast me

hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me
do the running man for me (x4)

girl friends upset, making threats, looking ugly
put that pistol away, bitch, you aint gonna shoot me,
you love me
she's aiming the cannon at the ground where I'm standing
demanding that I start hammer dancing
I can see your titties through you teddy
tell me,
what does that tattoo mean on your belly
barely legal, ask her
hammer dance, faster, blast bastard, flash disaster
please pass the cash backwards, faster to the black ass rapper, spook
turning bastards to casper, shoot
prostitutes for loot, two dollar bills for big head
big head for two dollar bills? that's what I just said
that's why them hookers holla ewww

hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me
do the running man for me (x4)

I don't just walk, I slide my feet
I got the dirty diana and lady heroine beside me
I got the invitation, otherwise just invited me
a drunk pimp in a pink coat with a pet flamingo
swift with the lingo, my bitches mingle
I play low key and smoke weed, they call me rigo
I'm in the shadows at the peep show
on the dl she deep throats
my feet soak in soap suds, bitches show love
other players turn they nose up when I show up
they're out my window, throwing rose pedals
its hammer time
I make um' hammer dance for you when the dope settles

hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me, hammer dance for me