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Artist: Othorized F.A.M. f/ Cappadonna, Killerman Archer, Lighter Shade, Son Don Moet
Album:  Hot Like Sahara Sand
Song:   Basic Killer Instinct
Typed by: Cno Evil

Just then, I came on the stage like wind
Blew slang in your face and it touched your skin
You felt chilly, just like you smoked a bag of illy
You need a coat just to protect your throat
Two pairs of socks, kid I'm cold like ice rocks
Chap-lipped thugs can't fuck wit the chatterbox
Cherry heads feel the draft of the ox
Shaolin niggas all came from one block

[Lighter Shade]
We be living, taking instead of giving
So I be sitting, thinking moves on religion
Manifested, our lifestyle, young child excer
Moving horizons, hopping over turnstyle
Yo, fuck killing, leave your mindstate in oblivion
Corrupted, taking in, only thoughts I'm giving
My hood neighbor', wild wild western
Where kids sell cooked up rocks, with the devils blessing

[Shawn Wigs]
Aiyo, sipping Kaluha milk, and Hennessey mix
Stimulates the mind, smoke sticks and lay bricks
Stack rhymes for a thirty, foundation, the future's waiting
I've yet to make my statement, rhyme my identification
But soon it spread like rashes and ghetto masses
A Shaolin nigga, you get blown like blunt ashes
The square in the circle, if you step to the verbal
Tical trees burn like tea bags of herbal
I'm tight like a girdle, soul black milk kertle
Layed up in the cut, planting rhymes in your firtle
Airdrums, son, I done been where you at
Jellied out the cut, and broke loose on the track
Blaze this joint, lace it up like a boot
And got the shit covered like a parachute
I salute, I sip Abenezer's, Anazette
Ran through, driving cabs, in my borough project
I done sit on the thought, to cut short a whole fort
Roll with real niggas, don't need an escort
Got support like a razor clan, hold down, the face, go 'head

[Chorus 2X: Killerman Archer (samples)]
Mother made you, then muthafuck you (first you suffer, than you die)
Mother made you, then muthafuck you (you're already dead)

[Killerman Archer]
Five, four, three, two, one
Art of the nigga, in the ghetto five oh
Because they can't get up, can't get up, can't get up, come
Well they can't can't get up, come to lick a magnum
Well they can't get up, can't get up, come make and run
If ya running from thing, then ain't a fronter, up a dun dun
Don't ever pollute it, so keep hogging it, and can't get it up, dead
So where are, you taking the thing, the leg is up front, bong bong
Lick a shot, they told you never will run, and is ya brethren dead
It's like you don't understand, ya momma warned you
Said nobody makes the bad man, no one to what
So you wanta pick the beef, or weapon, and ya laser blast
To the gun, will be last, lick a shot in ya yard
But you lucky you missed, you wasn't a target
Boy, when my blow starts rip, bad boy, here
The news for it's no business, because the boy done slide
And you feel the petried, and you hear the gun shot
And the cops done pissed, cops promote that buzz from ninety know it
But will come a bad boy if you crazy
Come down low, if you come down low
Come down low, if you come down low

[Son Don Moet]
We keep the shock of body rocking, dipping dopping, never stopping
Faking popping, MC breaking, money making, illustrating
On the go, fuck up your whole show, you didn't know
The first one you checked be the Mo'
Fly guy, can't do it live
Make moves, but wise eyes come thrive
Coming through, with that actual feeling
But I come avenge, and want your ass on the ceiling
Shake the ground, to it's very last compound
See how it sound, a little unrational

[Lounge Lo]
Arabian thoughts are covered, I have you smothered
Rest in peace to my peeps that I lost, dearly beloved
Now it's nine sickle, so I gots to get a little
Something for your brothers, busting glocks on the block, check it
Let's get together for whatever
It's time to get the cream, it's time to make the cheddar
I never was known for the murder one weapon
Now I'm stepping, seeing my peeps with fucking repping
Now hold, who the fuck is that up on the mic
The Loungin' Robert Townsend, right right, right right right

[Chorus 2X]

[Lighter Shade]
In the beginning, was a prism, light incision
His first decision, making man in the image of himself
No evolution, no solution, devil's wealth
Mother's simplicity, chill in Hill's destiny
Greed brings a dead sea, home of the creep
Life's just part of the journey, journey
Death of a planet, that's what concerns me
Evil has been here for long, people being gunned wrong
Song of the burning, mourn, the beast that ends peace, at least
White skin pilgrims and here to false feast
Man's quest was once a holy grail
Now how can you educate on the round chair
Setting up new sales, when all else fail
Darker skinned kids, build pyramids
Help of spaceships, aircrafts of congress
Whispers of wisemen, no tongue can defend
Damn and comprehend, the death of a dinosaur
Before the last thought, probably a played one
Or aliens in see-saw, praying on my knees
For the burning breeze, second to the freeze
Drying of the seven seas

[Shawn Wigs]
Or catch the wept, but I don't need the catcher's nest
Cuz I'm dropping MC's like Battleship
And I'm blessed with the psycho, with personalities
So fuck you, fuck you, cuz I can't face reality
But I can, how you doing? This nigga's flipping
Crazy, phat, yeah that's why I'm tipping
The scales, and I'm quick to bust a sniff
Cuz I'm an annoying, crazy, stupid son of a bitch
So if be, I'm sorry, shit is getting hectic
I swallowed my tongue cuz I'm a lethal weapon
Bastard, and I got more blades than a fan
I pack more gats than those guys in Iran
And when it comes to grimes, I spend my hide up
But I guess I'm a dick cuz I'm hanging with a bunch of nuts
Flipping on punks for no reason
It's that ill shit, cuz it's ill flipping season
And I'm with low down, lower than dirt
I dug a sucker from his grave, and I sow his tie and shirt
Sent back, from the heavens up above
I got too much love to hate, and too much hate to love
Disrespectful, crazy rude and I'm bad
Took the the red out the devil, howling at him in the MaxiPad
I ain't crazy, I knew I was right...

Deep meditation, sound orientated
War of the blizzard, rap paramedical, the wizard
Cappadonna, never caterin' to none
My microphone in three verses will weigh a ton of slaughter
You order five thousand back across the water
My laboratory story keep me flow in with the glory
Acapella or deep dirty instrumental
I can blow the style like the stormy wind blew
One gallon of wildin' Park Hill profilin
I cut your face, a buck fifty showin' while you smilin
For violatin my position
I'll leave you smoked like a crackhead on a mission
Two tokes of mic dope, one stroke of elegance
Rated like the movie graphic, tote intelligence
Person to person, it be hard for you to take a trophy
You're better off to get somebody out to try to smoke me
Cause I'm K-I-Double L-A all the way
The PLO, TKO everyday, the, dancehall general
Party fanatic, colonel, Cappadonna
Sauna, old-school disco inferno
Veteran for rappin with a new set of ruler hard rappin'
Ninety-six liver, keep the live shit
When I bow, all praises due to Staten Isle
I spark the mic as Shaolin spark the Methical
Every evening I have a by myself meeting
Thinkin who's gonna be the next to catch a beatin
From my mental slang invention, rap twist upon a warfare
I brutalize, all competition catch hell here
Chance him, that's what they said, threw up a ransom
I jacked it, stripped the beat naked and packed it
Come with the patch.. and MC's battle
Ninety six dunn burial ground sound
You better watch when you lay those tracks down

[Chorus 4X]