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Artist: Outlawz f/ Chair Krazy
Album:  Outlaw 4 Life: 2005 A.P
Song:   Let it Burn
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[Chorus: E.D.I]
I got this monkey on my back
And I can't let it go
So much trouble on my brain
And I can't let it go
Oh, and I'm so throed
I don't know what to do
But pour me a drank
And smoke a blunt or two
And let it burn
Let it burn (5x)
Motherfucker.. We
Let it burn (6x)
All my soldiers
Let it burn

Spark up a cigarette
You talkin' the biggest threat
You mention my set
Resurrect my life through death
I walk around with the dirtiest boots
Camouflage the suit
We them soldiers that you gotta salute
26 years full of Donald Goines material
Pour water in my cereal
Don't worry it'll get us through
We never complained
We weathered the rain
Stayed loyal to the thug core
Respecting the game
I'm just a New Street nigga
With a lil' bit of fame
Picture me rhyming
Motherfuck nickel and dimin'
On some coke shit
My clips went for 80 a watts
Raw, until that cook got, gravy the cop
And goin' home, stoppin' ya fun
When Yak got killed
If you grew up with a nigga don't that make 'em ya friend
I see the world through a foggy lens
With a Fo'-Five buried in my baggy jeans
Even my mom dukes was a naggin' fiend
I thank God she like 6 or 7 years clean
If you believe then you can achieve anything
Try the measure the price of life thru a triple-beam
And let it burn


I ain't stressin' no bitches
I'm out here stressin' my riches
And these 5-dolla niggaz bout to turn me into a killer
My friend is my pen
My only homey is my lonely thoughts
Ridin' thru the city with a gage bout to blow it off
I smoke a blunt to take the pain out
And if I wasn't high probably try to blow my brains out
Cause mama need her medicine
My kids gotta eat
Labels playin' hella games
Boy don't fuck around with me
If it ain't one thing it's a motherfuckin 'notha
Word to my granny, and my daddy and my mother
But I ain't no sucka
I'ma let it -- let it burn
Get back on my two feet and swerve


I lost my head with a family
And these niggaz astounding
That I'm back up off my feet dawg
But I'm still sitting down
Yeah I'm paralyzed
So it's just a half of me
And my father dead too
So I'm a bastard 'G'
I'm bout to hit this rap game
Get the cash and flee
And I'm forever with my motherfuckin family
This billy bang Outlawz hard, listen me
And yeah we'll burn you bout the legacy of P-A-C

I'm a dawg, but I don't roll over (wroof!)
I might stumble but I don't fall over (wroof!)
A whole patron, money gone, hung over (wroof!)
Never ever my level, one over (wroof!)
I gotta shake the devil off my shoulder (wroof!)
And never will I settle, I'm a soldier (wroof!)
All the time is the time to make the donuts (wroof!)
Ya feel that
Then light another stouge up
And let it burn