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Artist: Pastor Troy f/ Lil Will
Album:  By Any Means Necessary
Song:   Crazy
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[Pastor Troy talking]
What's up y'all
Aiyo man this song right here right
This shit crazy man
Grown folks situation
I'm talking about man there's something I went through
I had to cut my homeboy off man

[Verse 1]
We used to be down with each other like none other
Was closer than a friend to me, like a brother
But they say with money, comes the bitterness and hate
So now why can't I deal with you, I'm straight
I'm thinking back on times before none of this really mattered
When you was just my homeboy before I was the Pastor
But they say with money, man ya friends ain't ya friends
It do something to 'em, even gotta watch ya kin
I'm pushing my Benz like it ain't even on my mind
You only live once and homeboy Imma shine
Prime time
And Imma keep making money killa
And keep it real with my real niggaz

[Lil Will & Pastor Troy: Chorus]
This is crazy (This is crazy)
I can't believe he (I can't believe he)
Was closer than a friend to me (Like a friend to me)
Like a brother (Like a brother mothafucker)
Now I can't believe (I can't believe)
And I thought that we were G's (We were G's)
Was the only thing you see (That you see)
Is all the cheese (And you want the cheese)

[Verse 2]
Best believe that bullshit didn't cut
And I can see the hate in your eyes I gives a fuck
A couple of bucks, done got you acting like a bitch
So just like I tell a bitch, suck this dick
I'm thinking back on times when a nigga used to chill
At the restaurant, we used to argue about the bill
Imma get the tab homey, you can get the tip
And then we jump off in our whips and we dip
But how them other days seem so far away
We used to be partners, we don't even parlay
You say what you say, but you and I know the truth
An eye for an eye, nigga tooth for a tooth
I'm up in the booth, in my own studio
And got more shit, why you acting like a ho
Nigga yo
I miss thangs how they was
But til you get your mind right, fuck you cuz

[Chorus 2x]