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Artist: Pastor Troy
Album:  By Any Means Necessary
Song:   I'm Warning Ya( Intro)
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The last chance I got
To make shit hot around here - HELLO
If I don't go platinum I'm lettin it go
You can't feel me you just a motherfuckin ho
So now you know
Cause I done got it crunk the music crunker than the cranker
Smoke me a half of dro and try to drink a fifth of remy
For being so clean
The whole dirty south was raised by PT
The golden child
I been in it for a while (yeah)
Grew me some dreds just to change my profile (yeah)
Bitin my style, bitin my game
They lucky that I changed
I would've called they name
But don't think that you won't get rolled on
And don't think that you won't get burned Ho
And don't think we won't stomp ya ass out
And don't think that we don't have what you talkin about
But I'ma keep it cool and this is just my introduction
And we ain't payin these pussy boys nothin
And if it get to bussin it can come to that
Me and my niggas ready for some combat
It's like that for the motherfuckin 0 4
And I ain't playin with no nigga or no ho
So if you wanna get it crunk nigga let's go
I wanna see you in the front row
I'm from down south Georgia

And I'm warning ya (We them Georgia Boys!) {*repeat 4X*}