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Artist: Pastor Troy
Album:  Face Off
Song:   Oh Father
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I was that cool motherfucker
but living in the world of these cruel motherfuckers 
society done made me a fool motherfucker
and sixteen shots leaving the pussies taking cover
huh I'm sorry mother motherfuckers just ain't like me
the fucking grave by twenty one is so likely
a million letters from the pen niggas writing me
fuck the system the DEA sellin all the damn yay 
so I pray that them fuckers die
and when they leave let them pussy motherfuckers fry
and make they families eternally have to cry and 
crucify me and label me the n ride I testify I'm ready

Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready {repeat 4X}

Statistics said I wouldn't live to see the grey in my head
it's too much drama in the street too much heat and she said
wanted by feds red said they wanted us in our tomb
so I keep my eyes red and I stay in my room
I'm prayin soon that my income cause income is halted
if you got then I got it but anyone can talk it
now thought it was simply me but it's universal
cause the shit's the real deal tryin to feel the commercial
America you tell me where is the freedom and liberty
this place ain't meant for me so I got a quarter key
and move it like ryder trucks
them crackers already stuck
a path for my niggas because my niggas ain't give a fuck
bout nothin they had to say we always gon' move the yay
yo' game but we could play and Lucifer best to pray
That I do not do what I just planned to do yesterday
I swear to God in Georgia

Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready {repeat 4X}

This is for my folks in Cuba
This is for my folks in Jamaica
This is for my folks in Africa, we ready 

Them crackers had me fucked up I scooped a job for a min
but couldn't deal with the pay I quit that shit in a day 
back on the grind servin my yay nothing to say 
but I tried I'm told it's a better way but who gon' pull me aside?
they in they ride disappointed because I had bad luck
I ain't never want to sell this shit my nigga I'm stuck
my people roll they window up and then they hit and they locked 
its fucked up but thats the way it is down here on the block 
maan everyone servin some rocks if not some rocks some weed 
everybody's trapped high I cant afford the heat its kinda neat 
how they just creep and kick the door off the hinge 
and when theses motherfuckers leave they taking all of my friend
no way to win cause we are in for the ride of our lives 
I was writin' this shit I had to wipe my eye
cause this is chaos they after us we'll never succeed
cause we some ignorant ass niggas but all we need is to see I guarantee
if we stop competin' get our children off these fuckin street
and get them to readin', now I'm just speakin', shit who am I to tell anyone
I'm telling ya, it ain't nothin' new up under the sun
you got your gun well fuck ya gun 
if you goin run when they chase ya
why don't you do some of that crazy shit and threaten them basers
now or later we going to have to stand up and fight
we pay the taxes in this bitch nigga use your rights
and I know I ain't right but I'll be damned if I'm wrong
they say two wrongs don't make a right
but damn its making me strong and when I'm gone
I hope this song rang in your heart 
my nigga ain't no better time then right now to start

Oh father come and take me I surrender I'm ready {echoes} {repeat 4X}