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Artist: Pastor Troy
Album:  Universal Soldier
Song:   4 My Hustlaz
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For the hustlas, for the hustlas
For my hustlas, for my hustlas

[Pastor Troy talking]
Aiyo, this your boy P.T. right
This for all them niggaz down the road
Everybody staying down in this motherfucking game
??? real all my niggaz
Much love out here for this song baby, for my hustlas

For my hustlas
Niggaz that ride for the yey (For my hustlas)
Niggaz on the grind everyday (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that be breaking the rules (For my hustlas)
Niggaz wearing red and blue (For my hustlas)
Niggaz with money on they mind (For my hustlas)
Hit the club fresh off the grind (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that ride for P.T. (For my hustlas)
The D. the S. the G.B. (For my hustlas)

[Verse 1]
I started out at the bottom of the barrel homey (Yeah)
Had to deal with these fuck niggaz hating on me (Yeah)
Hanging on me
We headed to the top 
The big boy drop 
Got me chilling on the block in Polo socks (Nigga)
The sun shining of my shade frame
Look who made it out the dope game (Yeah nigga)
From nicks to dimes 
From dimes to quater keys
I stacked me some cheese and went to bumping these cd's
And now you see me on your tube live and direct
See a nigga swang through the bank, I'm cashing checks
Or better yet, I be shaking that motherfucker
From the ATL to Augusta 
For my hustlas


[Verse 2] 
All my niggaz cross the state (For my hustlas)
All my niggaz slanging that weight (For my hustlas)
Hire your best to flip it legit (For my hustlas)
Let the crackers sell that shit (For my hustlas)
All my niggaz peeping the game (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that want to have fame (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that grind to pay bills (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that grind to buy a meal (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that ain't got no degree (For my hustlas)
Still making money (For my hustlas)
Niggaz with fear of the Lord (For my hustlas)
Niggaz in the 9th Ward (For my hustlas)
Niggaz with ties to the streets (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that ride with the heat (For my hustlas)
Niggaz with 36 O's (For my hustlas)
Yeah nigga, the life I chose, for the hustlas


Niggaz in dirty clothes (For my hustlas)
Niggaz with no love for hoes (For my hustlas)
Niggaz making easy cheese (For my hustlas)
Niggaz moving major keys (For my hustlas)
Niggaz riding big body cars (For my hustlas)
Niggaz they call trap stars (For my hustlas)
Niggaz that hate ??? (For my hustlas)
Got the 88 with the beat (For my hustlas)
Niggaz riding 30's and vogues (For my hustlas)
All my niggaz down the road (For my hustlas)
All my niggaz off in the fed (For my hustlas)
All my niggaz busting heads (For my hustlas)
My niggaz on the East side (For my hustlas)
My niggaz on the West side (For my hustlas)
My niggaz on the North side (For my hustlas)
South side, nigga we ride, for my hustlas


[Pastor Troy talking]
Y'all know what's up
This ya boy, P.T. Cruiser
Representing for all them gangster ass hustlas
Everybody taking penetintary chances nigga
Y'all know what's up
D.S.G.B. got love for you baby
Whatever to make this shit happen
Get this motherfucker popping 
Cause we ain't stopping
D.S.G.B. in this ho