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Artist: Pastor Troy
Album:  Universal Soldier
Song:   No Mo Play in GA Pt. 2
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What's up, big mouth, you still talkin' huh
Pastor, blast ya, okay, and well uh huh
This for, all those, niggas, that talk the talk
Fuck nigga, I walk the walk, don't make me get my assault
No charge if I get caught, I am connected
Got this rap game on lock, hell yeah perfected
Y'all nigga's pathetic, come around with that bullshit
Fuck around and get gunned down, playin around in my pulpit
Soon as I pulled it, they'll say he's deadly
Hell yeah, you got that right, nigga I'm ready
Y'all should'nt have let me, because PT gone rock
24 wit 24 blocks, m-o-n-e-y

[Chorus] (repeat 2x)
I'm ready
I'm ready for war, fuck peace
I'm ready
I'm ready for war, I'm in these streets
I'm ready
My AR-15 up on my arm
And fuck them weak ass niggas
We droppin bombs

What's up, homeboy, what is the business
Pastor, church boy, can I get a witness
This for, all those, niggas that be poppin'
Seein' me in 6's, I don't never be stoppin'
Most niggas be watchin', other niggas be hatin'
Hangin' out their partner car, askin' me what's shakin'
Ain't nothin shakin', nothin but this mula
I see that you know me, but I don't know who you are
Therefore, I am, rollin up my window
Hasta luego, now it's back to my indo
Drivin' 100, mothafuck if I'm wanted
Take they ass on to Tennessee
Before they beat the hell out of me
Peep some real game from a mothafuckin G
Me and ???, me and Uncle B
Try to get some  millions to blow
Take this shit, I don't need no mo'
Off in the condo burnin dro
With my bitch and my hoe
Gettin' me some fire fire, r-e-a-d-y

[chrous] (repeat 4x)