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Artist: Pastor Troy
Album:  We Ready, I Declare War!!
Song:   I Declare War!!
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And I am coming with the range
Not calling no names on P
But this them same boys they said would never reach the key
Met Mister E. and him and me decided we could win
We flipped the script and we bout to be legal kingpins
Up in the wind
That message sent from old Savannah
They down with me so I ain’t got to call Atlanta
But if I do it ain’t nothing but even worse for you
Go call your soldiers
Tell them to bring the hearse for you

Just call me and tell Peter I be the Peter of the cipher
Down South Georgia Boy
Pastor Troy pass the rifle
Any rival ain’t no rival lest we make the rivalry

Having problems with my rifle
Y’all watch y’all enemies
Well cause
War has been declared
What’s up
Cuz war has been declared
What’s up
Cuz war has been declared
What’s up
What y’all gone do
What y’all gone do

Chorus: And I declare war

For my whole number connected
Bout to give life to all you punks
Y’all talk, we pop the trunk
Picture me and mine drunk
And crunk up cuz we mad
Ain’t never had before we hooked
Time to pull a kick doe
Negro we wrote the hook
Shook the dice up
The price I pay
My navy still my bill
Say yall want to go to war
And that’s ok cause now will
You know we filthy
Because to us no love was given
Somebody’s gone come up missing
Drooooom, die quickly

Chorus: I declare war
            And I declare war