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Artist: Pacewon & Mr. Green
Album:  The Only Color That Matters Is Green
Song:   I Need Money
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Get money)

[ VERSE 1: Pacewon ]
I need money, like they keep in a bank vault
So much bustin out my pockets I can't walk
And so many jewels in my mouth I can't talk
Rims so big on my Denali I can't park
Cause if I did you just might think it's a landmark
Or a star inside like Joan Van Arc
Or Heather Locklear or Howard Cosell
But it ain't, it's just me, a powerful male
That steals from the rich to give to the poor
Lived through the raw, kick in your door
Clip in a four, spittin the raw
Collabin like Akon
Every verse be napalm and h-bomb
Up in Jimmy ( ? ) gettin my steak on
Rocks as big as an acorn, I pace on gold bars, Fort Knox
When I walk inside to check out the judge the court stops
Yo money

[ VERSE 2: Pacewon ]
The district attorney looks don't concern me
I'ma tryina pay my tax and get up out of this early
Tie a scarf around my neck like old Mr. Furley
Jump up in a G-4 and then started my journey
Through my rhymes I see dollar signs and dollar signs
Keep em from these blue collar crimes that I design
Maskin up like the Lone Ranger, doin fine
I'm clockin out on the block sellin 2 for 9
Or 3 for 10, I say peace for now, yo
Pick my pen up and just let the nouns flow
And earn like my nigga Nature did with The Firm
Smokin heavy cause a fellow got money to burn
Usin English like a tool, you gotta study to learn
Name spreadin more faster than germ
When Janet hear my song come on
She start doin the worm till she strained
Then it's move over, Jermaine
I need money

[ VERSE 3: Pacewon ]
Swiss bank accounts instead of Wachovia
Chauffeur's pickin my homies up
My mother got a castle like a queen
And I'm ridin like a gangster with the lean
Ridin like a gangster with a dream
Cold to warm, switch that from warm to August
To bein mad rich, number one on the Forbes List
With all this bread stacked up enormous
Money earned from a flawless performance
And that's how I make it
Sacred minds become paper
It gets me more jewels than Jacob
Wasn't anchored back in the past, so I sank it
Naked outside in the cold with no blanket
It's how I once felt, but now I feel frantic
Eager with my music to let my people rank it
And let my people share it, the internet rules, I gotta thank it
Money roll in, I gotta bank it
Yo money