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Artist: Pacewon & Mr. Green
Album:  The Only Color That Matters Is Green
Song:   Who Am I
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(As we go a little somethin like this)
(Hit it)

[ VERSE 1: Pacewon ]
I'ma take you back with a heavenly rhyme
To me in kindergarten back in '79
Back to the essence when hip-hop was precious
First I heard Rapper's Delight, then The Message
When Planet Rock dropped I remember it was hectic
When Double Dutch Bus dropped I bought the record
Made my boys check it, the drum beat was deep
Then came the Fat Boys and Run-D.M.C.
UTFO was rappin 'bout a girl
Then Roxanne Shanté shook up the world
I remember La-Di-Da-Di made me wanna party hearty
We knew every word and we ain't sorry, are we?
No sir, the chauffeur, the green socks
Songs about bein late for work had me locked
We'd squat sittin by the radio, rappin along
I'd wake up out my sleep to record that song

I remember the tunes, I remember the food
I remember the clothes we were all into
All the little things that inspire a man
Made me who I am

[ VERSE 2: Pacewon ]
Do the Pee Wee Herman, mostly thugs
Would dance every time we heard Joeski Love
And Latoya, Latoya brought this boy up
Along with Goya and Chips Ahoy
5-cent candies, they called 'em jingles
Who didn't have the fever for the flavor of some Pringles?
1-cent big balls, bags of Cheez Doodles
Too many of 'em used to make me boo-boo
Swedish Fish, Blow Pops and Chick-O-Sticks
All before evil chicks or ego trips
Illegal clips, rollin sacks and stolen gats
Holdin packs, gettin jacked and owin back
Gettin clapped, bein better off ownin that
Bein better off broke with your dome intact
Than somewhere rich with a hole in fact
Bullet lodged right in where your colon's at


[ VERSE 3: Pacewon ]
Lees and Le Tigres, Le Coq Sportif
Fat laces with shell toes, sneakers with velcro
Kangaroos, Mach-5's, Navy blue Pumas
I used to shop at Albee Square, eat at Junior's
( ? ) I remember the days
With the big stopwatches like Flavor Flav's
Yeah, Nike Cortez, Cotler jeans
Reeboks and Guess helped me rock the scene
It was Main Source, EPMD
Big Daddy Kane, me, Skee and Zee
I remember MC Lyte dissed Antoinette
I'd turn the volume up and dance to it
Drinkin pina coladas from Sunnydale Farms
I used to backspin and pop-lock my arms
Style and culture molded the man
Just like some puddy that youhold in your hand