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Artist: Paul Wall f/ Pretty Todd, Scooby, Unique
Album:  Chick Magnet
Song:   Did I Change
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There's one thing I've learned in life man
As you get older, thangs change
You know what I'm sayin?
People change, friends change
That's just how it go, mayn

I don't know if it's just me
Did I change? Did they change?
It's messed up
It'll never be the same
Let me tell ya mayn
It's nothin like losin ya bro
Today, love you
Tomorrow you don't know 'em know more

(Verse 1, Paul Wall)
I got a lotta fish to fry
But one thing I learned is you can't teach a fish to fly
Kiss goodbye, cause on my team it's every man for theyself
I'm just tryin'a do my best and play the cards that I'm dealt
I reached out my hand for help, but I was reachin in vain
So I tightened up by belt and paid the price for this fame
All playas pay dues, you ain't gon' hear me complain
I started out with lots of friends, but only a few remain
They say I changed, but really I just matured and got smarter
Seems like the realer I get, the more these boys get frauder
When I'm around my own partnas, I sense envy and anger
Real recognize real, and all you boys is strangers

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2, Pretty Todd, Unique & Scooby)
From now was brothers
I remember the shit like yesterday
In front of the high's gettin high
Lookin for the next day

Yeah I remember that
Same clothes, no bucks
No hoes, all we had was just us

Damn... man, I used to like that shit
And then we got a deal, and they ain't like that shit
I told myself that I'ma fight that shit
No matter how long they hate, I won't quit

Damn, but that's crazy though
I don't know if it's me
But we was like brothers, just different mothers
And they switched up
Should I love 'em or hate 'em?
I ain't changed, just changed situations
And that's why I only got a few partnas
Cause niggas don't know how to act and I lose partnas

And time change everythang
And back then, it was us against them
And the shit shoulda never changed

(Hook x2)

(Verse 3, Paul Wall)
Dead God, I need your Blessing, so I'm asking for help
To handle all these situations that come with this wealth
My girlfriend is cheatin on my with my ex-best friend
So now I'm takin applications for my next best friend
I gotta keep my composure and hold it together
I survived the stormy weather
Things can only get better
I shoulda brought a sweater, cause warm hearts turn cold
Boys change shapes like Origami, but I refuse to fold
Truth be told, that problems follow money and power
Boys changin by the hour, friendships turn sour
Phony smiles, fraud dap, and lotta fake love
But I'm sturdy in my position, Paul Wall won't budge

(Hook x2)