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Artist: Public Enemy
Album:  Apocalypse 91
Song:   1 Million Bottlebags
        - Ridenhour - Robertz - Gary G-Wiz - Depper -

        One million bottlebags count 'em
        Think they can bounce the ounce
        And it get 'em
        Yo black spend 288 million
        Sittin' there waitin' for the fizz
        And don't know what the fuck it is
        An oh lemme tell you 'bout shorty
        He about seventeen lookin' like 40
        Treats his 40 dog better than his g
        When he gets a big b-o-t-t-l-e
        Oh he loves tha liquor
        But look watch shorty get sicker
        Year after year
        While he's thinkin' it's beer
        But it's not but he got it in his gut
        So what the fuck
        Yo niga what's up
        Now he's hostile to a brother lookin' out
        But I ain't mad I know what he about
        He's just a slave to the bottle and the can
        'Cause that's his man
        The malt liquor man
        One million bags count 'em all
        Other man gets happy
        Watch the killas drink 8 ball
        Don't know a damn thing
        But his breath stinkin'
        Then I ask a question you brother
        What the fuck is you drinkin'
        He don't know but it flow
        Out the bottle in a cup
        He call it gettin' fucked up
        Like we ain't fucked up already
        See the man they call Crazy Eddie
        Liquor man with the bottle in his hand
        He give the liquor man ten to begin
        Wit' no change and he run
        To get his brains rearranged
        Serve it to the home they're able
        To do without a table
        Beside what's inside ain't on the label
        They drink it thinkin' it's good
        But they don't sell the shit in the white neighborhood
        Exposin' the plan they get mad at me I understand
        They're slaves to the liquor man
        Back to my homeboy shorty
        He can drink it down
        And think nuttin' about it
        Pass it around and get tha 40 dog buzz
        At the same time
        Shorty can't remember what day it was
        Say I'm yellin' is fact
        Genocide kickin' in yo back
        How many times have you seen
        A black fight a black
        After drinkin' down a bottle
        Or a malt liquor six-pack
        Malt liquor bull
        What it is is bullshit Colt
        45 another gun to the brain
        Who's sellin' us pain
        In the hood another up to no good
        Plan that's designed by the other man
        But who drink it like water
        One and on till the stores reorder it
        Brothers cry broke but they still affordin' it
        Sippin' it lick drink it down oh nooo
        Drinkin' poison but they don't know
        It used to be wine
        A dollar and a dime
        Same man, drink in another time
        They could be hard as hell and don't give a damn
        But still be a sucker to the liquor man